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  1. Thuck ma Baws

    Pinching other clubs songs

    Since seeing them on the box a few times recently I can't get this Palace song out of my head and I think its boss I'm not saying we should, but if we did what oppo songs would you pinch?
  2. Thuck ma Baws

    Am I bitter?

    The number of reds who have told me I'm bitter because I don't want them to win the league is really starting to get on my tits. I've tried to explain that I don't want them to win it because they're our local rivals and it's nothing to do with bitterness but they genuinely aren't having it. Is...
  3. Thuck ma Baws

    Anyone need a lift to Southampton?

    Leaving at the crack of dawn from Wirral. The lads I usually go with are going tonight but I'm going to the legends night in New Brighton instead which means I'm driving down by myself tomorrow.
  4. Thuck ma Baws

    West Brom Trains

    Anyone had any luck finding any? Can't find a way home, even getting a cab to Birmingham and a train from there.
  5. Thuck ma Baws

    Norwich Travel

    For those going down I've just gone through the headache of sorting trains. The train from Lime Street takes a ridiculously long time and is about £100. I've just got tickets from Lime Street to London then London to Norwich. It's quicker and cheaper so well worth looking in to before you book...
  6. Thuck ma Baws

    People who shout "shoooooooot"

    When Phil Neville has the ball 35 yards out and then get genuinely annoyed when he passes it instead - pack it in. Thanks.
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