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  1. Welton Toffee

    Fellaini to sign new contract?

    Yeah I know it's the Daily Fail, but it's potential good news so thought it was worth posting...
  2. Welton Toffee

    Jags and Baines set to start for England

    England manager Fabio Capello has today confirmed that both Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka will be in his starting line up tomorrow. England will face Ghana in a friendly at Wembley tomorrow night and Capello will make a number of changes, including bringing in Manchester City´s Gareth...
  3. Welton Toffee

    Baines and Jags in the England squad Thoughts? I'll be at the Ghana game so from a selfish perspective hoping they both play (y)
  4. Welton Toffee

    Phil Jagielka signs new 4 year deal

    Everton defender Phil Jagielka has today signed a new contract with the Blues. The new contract will keep the England international at Goodison Park until 2015, replacing his old deal which was due to expire in 2014. Since joining the Blues from Sheffield United in 2007 Jagielka has made...
  5. Welton Toffee

    FA Cup 3rd round draw - Carlisle at home

    Just about to start. Lincoln City away please(y)
  6. Welton Toffee


    Alright. Yesterday I was booking two tickets for the Sigma game, I chose my seats, put in my payment details and clicked OK or whatever it was. But then it came up saying page cannot be displayed. I then clicked refresh which just took me back to the checkout saying I had no tickets selected...
  7. Welton Toffee

    Europa League Draw

    Anyone know when this is? Hoping to get over to GP for the home leg (y)
  8. Welton Toffee


    Just booked Man City tickets online using my Dad's account (which we have used to book tickets before). It didn't mention anywhere about delivery address/charge. Do I assume they will be posted to our home address and I don't have to pick them up from the box office or anything ridiculous like...
  9. Welton Toffee

    Big Vic out for the season

    Anichebe Out For The Season – News Archive – News – - The Official Website of Everton Football Club Another one gone :(
  10. Welton Toffee

    MOTM v Villa

    Vote now!
  11. Welton Toffee

    Anyone who thinks Victor is lazy.... today's match (y)
  12. Welton Toffee

    Arteta pledges his future to Everton and snubs interest from City and Arsenal

    Arteta pledges his future to Everton and snubs interest from City and Arsenal | Mail Online
  13. Welton Toffee

    Judgement January

    IT. IS. ON.
  14. Welton Toffee

    The Second Annual Youth Team Rascal Barnet Contest Thing

    Yes folks, it's that time of year again. With defending champion John Paul Kissock having been promoted to the first team, the search is on for the academy's worst hair cut. Some cracking contenders this year, including the two runners up from last year. So to keep your mind off all the doom...
  15. Welton Toffee

    Forest match

    Anyone going? I booked my tickets this morning (y)
  16. Welton Toffee

    My view yesterday...

    Had an amazing view of the Park End half, but as promised this was our view (well, lack of) of the Street End goal.....
  17. Welton Toffee

    Newcastle tickets

    Booked them today (the day they went on general sale). We're sat in bloody row BB of the main stand :( Absolutely nothing available in the Paddock which is where we usually sit, nothing in the Park End. So have got to have a restricted view on what will only be my second match this season...
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