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  1. davek

    Should Ferguson have stayed as a coach or should he have looked to manage elsewhere?

    I've been asked by others to test the water on this. So... 'Should Ferguson have stayed as a coach or should he have looked to manage elsewhere?'
  2. davek

    The Media who cover Everton

    We are badly served by those in the media who cover this club. The Echo coverage is appalling, of course. But we also have a terrible representation of the club by all the writers on the club from the Mail, Mirror, Telegraph, Guardian etc etc. About the only one's they dont go after are the...
  3. davek

    The Illicit Power of Our Overpaid and Underachieving Players

    Make no mistake - whatever your view on Benitez - this will be another casualty brought about by the dressing room at this club. Another group of players have downed tools and seen off another manager by the looks of it. An attempt has been made to pull power away from the dressing room and...
  4. davek

    The Galloot

    Let's gauge where our ambitions lie
  5. davek

    Leighton Baines - next Everton manager (but one)?

    Rumoured to have leapfrogged the Galloot in the pecking order and about to become a key member of the Everton first team coaching staff. A successor to Benitez might be pushing it time-wise, but he's apparently done well as a youth development coach. I'm sure he'll be doing all his coaching...
  6. davek

    Elections to the Everton Fan Forum

    Candidates here: Are these a good cross section of Everton fans in 2021? Mostly middle aged white fellers.
  7. davek

    Everton / Sligo Rovers partnership
  8. davek

    Can we set a Premier League win and points record this season with this team?

    We are capable of doing both of those things, but will we?
  9. davek

    Two research scholarships available: Everton in the Community related

    Go for it, budding social historians:
  10. davek

    Everton players and their dogs

    Seeing as there's going to be no football.....
  11. davek

    Everton's Players: How disgusted with them are you right now?

    In the aftermath of the latest defeat and reports of their dressing room revolt against Ferguson/Ancelotti....
  12. davek

    Come on lads, it's time for the wailing an gnashing of teeth to stop.

    It was another loss to a decent bunch of Liverpool players with a pretty untalented Everton team. This is what happens with the Everton team erected in the last 3 seasons or so with too much cash. This is the Zombie Everton lingering on. Let's hand Carlo the tools to transform us and get these...
  13. davek

    Worst Team of the Decade

    Wessels/Turner Martina Senderos Williams Garbutt Klaassen Schneiderlin Walcott Valencia Bilyaletdinov Kone
  14. davek

    DoF satisfaction rating: summer transfer window 2019/20 season

    Binary choice......
  15. davek

    Centre Midfield

    This is going to be a real problem area this season. Delph Davies Gbamin Gomez Schneiderlin Gomez aside* that's looking very second rate. Baningime cant get a squad number, so I dont suppose he's anywhere near an appearance. *harsh on Gbamin, but taking this first appearance as evidence...
  16. davek

    1995-2020 = the longest barren spell without silverware in Everton's history

    If we dont win a trophy next season a shameful anniversary will be upon us: 25 years without a trophy win. That'll eclipse the previous barren period between 1939-1963 by a year (and that was as lengthy as it was because there was no football for 6 years because of a war). Since 1995, Leicester...
  17. davek

    The Entertainers - are back

    Some devastating counter attacking today and we have for the first time in about three and a half seasons looked professional and good to watch. I would really like us to meet Liverpool right now.
  18. davek

    Black Saturday

    Where on earth do you begin with that? Needless sending off, two goal lead blown by hopeless defending, and one of our players seriously injured. I cant think of too many more deflating days in the recent past as this one today. Gutting on every single level. *Delete if necessary mods. I'm...
  19. davek

    The senior players at Everton: do they need to go before we can prosper?

    It's a subject that has been discussed on the Fonseca thread pretty keenly. Maybe a new thread is required to discuss it? For me, we have a clear way forward with a new manager and DoF ONLY IF we get rid of most of the named players in the poll...and I wouldn't object to all of them being shown...
  20. davek

    City getting clapped off yesterday

    Is this a tacit admission that when we got shut of Roberto the much sought after decision to go with brawn rather than brain; fitness over finesse; territory over possession was the wrong one to make? Now I'm not equating RM's Everton with Guardiola's City (in fact, this has nothing much to do...
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