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  1. Bainsey

    Ross Ferguson

    Big Dunc's youngest has joined the academy (y)
  2. Bainsey

    Everton Ladies derby on Wednesday

    The girls take on Liverpool Ladies at 7.30pm at the Stobart Stadium (Widnes) on Wednesday. Currently work with them and they are a fantastic group of girls who train and work hard alongside doing 9-5 jobs, not had the best of starts to the season but can hopefully get 3 points from the derby to...
  3. Bainsey

    Finch Farm update

    little update Drenthe is back and in for selection Rodwell back training, no injuries, everyone trained today Adam Forshaw is back with the club injured from on loan with Brentford Pienaar wants to stay
  4. Bainsey

    Reserves to move

    arguments with Widnes Vikings, as they are digging up the pitch later this year to make it artificial grass. Reserve games look like they might now be at Finch Farm Not sure if it's much useful information to anyone.
  5. Bainsey

    Went Finch Farm today

    Finch Farm update Seen rumours about Finch Farm today, was there also getting something signed for a family friends wedding, just a mini update All players were training We have an american on trial, don't know who just pretty much word of mouth there We signed two kids today, one for the...
  6. Bainsey

    Bad form started 14 games ago

    People are going on about how poor the team is this season, but since the fantastic win away at City are results have been ... Wolves Away 0-0 Villa Away 2-2 Blackburn Away - Won 3-2 (Winner in last few minutes) Fulham Home - Won 2-1 (Winner in injury time) Stoke Away 0-0 Portsmouth Home...
  7. Bainsey

    What an amazing video :)
  8. Bainsey

    Everton ladies

    currently winning 4-0 in their champions league game with 10 minutes to go :)
  9. Bainsey

    So I went Finch Farm

    as people are aware from the Tim Howard interview ....
  10. Bainsey

    Anichebe to Coventry on loan

    Quite a few rumours in and around Coventry sites at the moment regarding this. Could it a be a reason why he missed today's game through "injury"?
  11. Bainsey

    Jags on the bench for final

    could we? I know he wont play but seen someone else say it and think its a good idea actually, but we wont need all 7 subs, could you put Jags on there that way he gets a medal if we won?
  12. Bainsey


    Final ideas in here, know which ones to look out for then. Not finished though, going to put the liverbird on and Est 1878 or something.
  13. Bainsey

    Great video

    YouTube - All Together Now. Everton F.C. 1995. Does anyone have all the song words for our version? might nab something from it for a banner.
  14. Bainsey

    Finch Farm

    dont know if its a worrying sign or not, but neither Jo or Saha were at training. Everyone else was there, Yobo said hes fit for Sunday same with Howard. Ian Turner is back from loan with a broken toe and Howard has a few stitches in his head, not much else to report on.
  15. Bainsey


    I have asked permission to post a link and have been given the go ahead On Friday morning a very good friend of mine from high school and college sadly passed away at the age of 18 after discovering she had a very serious illness only the night previously. We have set up a fundraising...
  16. Bainsey

    Banner ideas for Wembley

    Going to get a banner made but have no idea what to get on it. Anyone help us out? lol i dont want anything to do what them lot over the park, the waitor or saint stevie. Want something witty.
  17. Bainsey


    This isn't really a rumour, but it looks like hes going to a Greek side on loan till the end of the season, now dont get me wrong hes no brilliant player but if his club are allowing him to go on loan, and i've always thought he looked a tidy player then surley we have to be going in for these...
  18. Bainsey

    Fog yesterday

    Anyone else have trouble seeing during quite abit of the match due to fog? Watched the replays and it looks clear as hell, yet i was struggling to make players out at times in the top balcony.
  19. Bainsey


    Now this isnt just after tonight, but i actually really dont rate the lad, for me he just isnt anywhere near Premier League quality and doesn't have the attitude either, he looked on par with players who looked knackered after they had been on for the full game, there was times he could have...
  20. Bainsey

    No concession prices

    Everton ditch their 16-21 price group for cup games, meaning all kids from 16+ have to pay the full £39. You can get a kids ticket if you risk waiting till they go down to general sale, very harsh that someone still at school/college has to pay adult prices for a cup game.
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