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    Moyes - 9 Years in Charge

    Just watched a great video on interviewing Kenwright about Moyes' 9 years in charge. If anyone gets the chance give it a watch.,26691,16426_6806724,00.html Here's hoping for 9 more years with a little bit more cash for Moyes to spend.
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    Yobo and Jagielka sign 5 year deals.

    breaking news on Sky Sports News.
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    Phil Neville

    Has been an absolute rock in defensive midfielder I can't believe there isn't a thread about how good he has been for us lately. he's been solid, gets stuck in, picks out some nice passes and is doing a decent job of showing for the back four. For all the stick I've given him in the past he's...
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    Shooting outside the box.

    there was lots of it against Man City. I fully expect Moyes to bollock every player and us to play our kids next game. but seriously it was very nice to see Fellaini, Pienaar, Osman and Arteta all having shots outside the box.
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    Pienaar or Arteta?

    I know this is a very unlikely scenario but if one of them HAD to be shipped off in January which would you choose and why?
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    Platini - "Everton - say No to foreign investment!"

    Source: What a ****.
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    Has been arrested for assault. what's that saying... when it rains it pours? you couldn't make this up could you? Whoops sorry forgot the link.
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    Match Ratings.

    We don't have this kinda thread and I've seen people say people were [Poor language removed] who I thought played well and vice versa so I thought it would be a good idea to do match ratings. Howard- Made a couple of decent saves, saved well from Gerrard at the end. Not really at fault for the goals either. 6...
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    We need him back badly, atleast he can defend. does anyone know when he's due back?
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    Has signed for Borussia Monchengladbach.
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    We are gay.

    According to the sun :lol::lol: Whoops sorry not gay, we're the girliest... :|
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    Mehmet Topal

    Source Sounds like a possible Carsley replacement. edit: Fished out a youtube video for him he doesn't look half bad on youtube.
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    Manuel Fernandes

    Source: Setanta Sports
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    New Everton kit home and away.

    Pictures can be found on Football Shirt Culture.
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    Alou Diarra

    Alou Diarra Article Alou Diarra Wiki link
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    The Soccer Prince.

    The Chinese reality tv show winner Jin Hui has arrived at Goodison Park.
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    Possible transfer targets?

    Source: __________________________________________________ Now I know that it's highly unlikely that Liverpool would sell to us but surely we should be after Alonso if this rumour is true. It's more likely to happen then selling Torres and...
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    Stephane M'Bia,19528,11671_3463652,00.html Sky Sports.
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    We have in our team the most successful crosser of the ball in the premiership....

    ..... in Phil Neville never had a doubt......:dodgy::lol:
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    My Club

    Everton are moving in the right direction, we're looking to nip into a champions league spot and Blue bill vows to give DM money to spend in the summer if we do qualify for the champions league. David Moyes releasing soundbytes to the press about how we need a Raul or Van Nistelrooy to take us...
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