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    First class from the 12th man!

    I thought our 2000 fans tonight was superb and deserve their own thread. Towards the end of the game that 2000 sounded like 20,000. Well done every single one of you.
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    The world's going to enddd!!!

    Or so people would think reading some of these reactions after one bad game. Pickford - few decent saves but a few dodgy moments, typical pickford game Godford - not exactly great, not in his natural position but what he did show was his extremely rapid pace and he can read the game well...
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    11 players from the current bottom 3 teams.

    I'm watching the Norwich game at the minute and thinking to myself 'they actually have a few decent players'. Bournemouth, villa and Norwich are the teams currently in the relegation zone. I think at least 2 of the 3 will definitely go down. So my challenge is to make a full team of players...
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    Number one striker target

    Just been having a discussion with a mate as to who should be our number one target upfront regardless of the rom situation. I would be intrested to see who everyone actully wants. For me it is iheanacho.
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