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    Post War Everton Managers by Derby Record.

    All these manages had at least 5 derbies, I'm discounting those like Dave Watson who only managed in 1. Win %. Royle: 40% Catterick: 32% Kendall: 26% Harvey: 20% Lee: 17% Moyes: 16% Britton: 14% Smith: 12.5% Bingham: 0% Martinez: 0% Loss % Harvey: 60% Britton: 57% Moyes: 52% Smith: 50%...
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    The C word

    I had this conversation in real life a little while ago but lets bring it up again with the man city semi final at the half way stage. Everton have over the last 15 years been a half decent team who have never actually done anything. We've been allright but never managed to click and make that...
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    Everton injury analysis

    Site here, done by ambulance chasers but interesting stats. We seem to be about middle in the road in terms of prem league injuries, less than arsenal, spurs, villa and city, more than utd, chelsea, stoke and sunderland. 12/13 and 13/14 were far and away our best seasons over the last 6 years...
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    Season Over - Get the under 7s on

    We've got nothing to play for any more. Start Garbutt, Ledson, Lundstrum Browning etc in all the remaning games and at least give them some experience. We all know that a lot of our veterans aren't up for it any more and will need to be shifted this summer, we might as well find out now if...
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    Danny is a lovely man

    Bottom 9 teams are : Everton 28 pts. -4 gd Palace 27 pts -7 gd West Brom 27 pts -10 gd Hull 26 pts -10 Sunderland 25 pts -14 Qpr 22 pts - 18 Burnley 22 pts -19 Villa 22 pts -23 Leicester 18 pts -18. So essentially to go down palace and west brom need to get 2 more points than us, hull 3 more...
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    Europa and the league

    Interesting stats from the bbc, here. Newcastle 2012-13: 14 Europa matches, dropped 11 positions in league. Newcastle 2004-05: 12 Europa matches, dropped 9 positions in league. Bolton 2007-08: 10 Europa matches, dropped 9 positions in league Everton 2005-06: 2 Europa matches, dropped 7...
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    I think it's becoming increasingly clear that a lot of people around the club and around this forum aren't maybe as blue as they paint themselves. I think a lot of people decided that martinez wasn't for them and rather than change their opinion as he did better (and hands up, I used to hate...
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    Who we beat this year but didn't use to

    I'm 27 and this current team is, probably, the best team I've seen us have. Certainly the style and skill shown in games like the 4 vs Arsenal and Man U are something special and in terms of raw statistics we've racked up more points this season than we have since we last won it. So I...
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    Our Away Form vs the teams above us this season

    Played 4: Lost 3. Drawn 1. Won 0. Scored 2. Conceded 9.
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    Do we make our money by buying low and selling high?

    I've seen this argument (that we need to buy cheap because we make our money by selling players on) a few times and I just don't think it's true. I think we can all agree that we don't make enough money. Our wage bill is modest in relative terms (about the tenth biggest in the league) and yet...
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    Auto Cup Schemes

    How the hell do these work? I think I've signed up for them accidentally because I got an email today saying I've bought a ticket for the league cup game. (Which I can't get to, so I didn't want to). And now I've gone to the site and I can't find a way to unsubscribe from those deals. So...
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    History of Everton's buys from Abroad

    With Martinez talking about a global market and scouting players all around the world, sparking various debates about the wisdom of buying foreign vs buying from england (basically english experience costs you but it's also valuable) I thought it might be a good time to talk about our history of...
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    Moyes vs Martinez: Pounds vs Points

    I'm talking about the last wigan and the newest Man U manager so this might be better suited for world football but here goes. Financial figures from this season haven't been released yet so I'll only be looking at 2011-12 and earlier. Martinez took over Wigan at the beginning of 2009, they...
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    Should we have bought Pienaar this summer?

    Or would it have been better to save our money? Would we have lost many points if Oviedo had played consistently instead?
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    Executioners Bong

    He used to be a poster on here, and he's still publishing artciles about everton's tactics on his blog. Always worth reading, imo. His latest is about why we're not winning games we're dominating.
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    Winning the toss

    I can't back this up with facts, but my gut instinct is that this season when we've attacked the gwladys in the first half we've done badly and when we've attacked it in the second half we've done well. Frankly I think all this stuff about selections and tactics is missing our real fault. We...
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    Would you be happy if Moyes left?

    Well, would you?
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    Financial spending in England

    dholliday asked me to look this up. Essentially given Moyes and his fans cry poverty while ignoring our huge wage bill, just how many teams have actually outspend us in his time here. From 2002 to 2012, which is 10 seasons, Moyes has spent 453.93 million pounds on bringing in and paying...
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    Everton home grown players (Moyes vs other managers)

    Because it's one of those arguments that never go away. Around 200 players in the history of Everton FC have made 100 or more competitive appearances for the club so had really cemented themselves in the first team for a concerted period of time. Of those 200, 51 or about a quarter were home...
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