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  1. Dymak

    It's typical but...

    KEEP YOUR HEADS HIGH! Uzzy is on his way. A new stadium is on its way. Carlo Ancelotti is our manager! Today is embarrassing and oh so typical, but we have not been relegated, our club has not died. A brighter future than the last 25 years awaits us in the near future!
  2. Dymak

    Breastfeeding Welcome at Goodison Another Everton first.
  3. Dymak

    Our Wage Bill?

    Does anyone know what our wage bill is? Because I get the impression that we are demanding a top half finish despite having a bottom half wage bill? I'm happy to be corrected, but it would be interesting to know how we fair in respect of wages, as it would allow us to amend our expectations as...
  4. Dymak

    Best Squad in 30 years!

    Why is everybody worrying? We have the best squad in 30 years! It's easily good enough to finish at least 12th.
  5. Dymak

    Worst Squad in 12 Years.

    The midfield is AWFUL. The defence is CRAP. Our strikers are good. Barkley is providing Cahill level goal returns aged 22, he has it and will only get better. Lukaku is our greatest striker in decades, but he clearly doesn't want to be here and will be gone in the summer. The task facing our...
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