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  1. dan78

    Marco Silva

    Been on his hols since January!!
  2. dan78

    Confirmed Signing Everton Sign Sandro Ramirez

    On daily mail website
  3. dan78

    Confirmed Signing Everton Sign Sandro Ramirez

    Somebody talk to him, he looks a bit lonely back there!!
  4. dan78

    "Jaw dropping news"

    How appropriate! You fight like a cow!
  5. dan78

    Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Also says Inter Milan are after Funes Mori
  6. dan78

    Summer Transfer Window 2017

    Leicester City have made an enquiry for Everton midfielder James McCarthy. The 26-year-old is likely to leave Goodison Park this summer but Everton value him at £25million.
  7. dan78

    Transfer Rumour Michael Keane

  8. dan78

    Transfer Rumour Sandro Ramirez

    Someone tell him those old £5 notes expired on the 5th May.
  9. dan78

    Summer Transfer Window 2017

  10. dan78

    Lukaku's replacement ?

    Lacina Traore
  11. dan78

    Match Thread Everton v Burnley - Saturday April 15 - 3.00pm

    No need to give that pen away, awful from Robles
  12. dan78

    Match Thread Liverpool vs Everton - Saturday 1st April

    mutants everywhere!!!
  13. dan78

    Would you scrap international football?

    Agree, all qualifiers should be scrapped and just the tournament held in the summer.
  14. dan78


  15. dan78

    Many thanks Don.

    Many thanks Don.
  16. dan78

    Tom Cleverley

  17. dan78

    Tom Cleverley

    You watch the game? especially the first half? what were your perspectives on that first half from Tom?
  18. dan78

    Aaron Lennon

    Cleverley is not that type of player hence my words that he dosen't fit in an Everton team
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