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    Everton’s worst best 11

    For a long time I have considering the fact we have had a lack of truely world class players at Everton. Only Kanchelskis and teenage Rooney meet that criteria in the modern day. However we have had an abundance of good players that were well past their best while gracing the everton shirt...
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    In hindsight who would you have chosen

    So alladyce has come in and done what allardyce says on the tin. I’m more than happy with the progress up the table. It’s not pleasing on the eye but it’s far better than being spanked and in he relegation zone. I understand people are unhappy but seeing what we have seen in the last month, who...
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    Reality Check - what is successful for Allardyce?

    Everton are historically the seventh most successful club in England by trophies won. Everton paid the 10th highest salaries last season. We all spunked our pants when we Moshiri came in net worth £1.7b (2.3usd) The reality is that he is about the 15th richest owner in English football. When...
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