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  1. Number_25

    Silva or Moyes

  2. Number_25

    Everton, not even once.

  3. Number_25

    The Derby

    Baring in mind that I did this on a mobile phone using Termux... This is what we looked like prior to the Merseyside derby: And after: Did it kill our season?
  4. Number_25

    Utter state

    Isn't it funny how we've had 4 managers in 4 years, and none of them haven't been able to get a tune out of these players? Stop shifting the blame on El Grande Allardyrci, and start having a go at the players - sake.
  5. Number_25

    Koeman or Allardyce

  6. Number_25

    Tony Pulis

    Pros Punched James Beattie, whilst naked in the shower. Baseball cap. Welsh. Cons Welsh.
  7. Number_25

    A team of individuals

    We have the best squad in years. A squad of individuals. Worst team in quite a few year. Watching Rom scream and shout at young Matty Pennington after he blew a chance, being only his 4th game in a senior Everton shirt. Defoe was clapping Kaboul after his 9h badly overhit ball into Robles...
  8. Number_25

    Our next eight league games...

    23/08 - Man City - Home 29/08 - Spurs - Away 12/09 - Chelsea - Home 19/09 - Swansea - Away 28/09 - West Brom - Away 04/10 - Liverpool - Home 17/10 - Man Utd - Home 24/10 - Arsenal - Away 24 points up for grabs, how many of those will we get?
  9. Number_25

    Bottom at Christmas.

    26th December 2015 Following a 2-0 defeat to fellow relegation strugglers Leicester City, Everton are hoping that they can avoid the drop and extend their 62 consecutive year stay in the top flight - despite being rooted at the bottom of the table at Christmas. Statistically, there is a 95%...
  10. Number_25

    The unpopular opinions thread

    So, here goes. Besic isn't even that good. He's a useful squad player at best, the sheeer amount of circlejerking that happens on this forum when discussing him is almost as bad as when Donovan was and wasn't here.
  11. Number_25

    I quite enjoy the realism here

    I like the fact that we all know we're crap. I guess it's what makes us a phenomenal fan base.
  12. Number_25

    Player Ratings: Dinamo Kyiv 5-2 Everton

    Following the fate of all other British teams in Europe, Everton crashed out of Europe in abominable fashion against Ukraine's leading club as they were trounced 5 goals to 2 by Dyanmo Kyiv. 24. Tim Howard The American shot-stopper has had a very poor season and questions have been raised to...
  13. Number_25

    Was Kevin Campbell's transfer in 1999 our most significant of all time?

    Today was very much a time of reflection for us Toffees. Looking back at Moyes' past 11 years in charge put into perspective the sheer change the man brought to our club, and with the change came countless transfers in and out of the club. This is when I began to think about who has been our...
  14. Number_25

    Things you'll never hear in an Everton match.

    If any of you watch Mock the Week, you'll probably know the rules. I'll start. "What a perfectly timed fair challenge by Heitinga there."
  15. Number_25

    Everton Player Ratings - v Newcastle (17th September 2012)

    Well we haven't seen this for a little while - let's have a good look at today. Howard - 5 Again I've been proved right, mistake after mistake from Tim in goals - a shaky start to the season. I'm probably gonna get a load of abuse from the Yanks when they come on, but this is non rose-tinted...
  16. Number_25

    Unfair refereeing and Everton.

    You would of thought that as an Evertonian you would be used to biased, below-par and unfair refereeing. Turns out it still hurts as much as ever. Two absolutely shocking decisions went against us tonight, three if you count Cayabe's wavering leg on Osman in the penalty box first half. Can't...
  17. Number_25

    Need not worry fellow Blues.

    Well that was a bad performance to match any bad performance. We didn't look up for it, certain things looked out of place and one or two players didn't do what they were supposed to. But before the start of the season, would you of taken 6 points from last 3 games? I sure as hell would of...
  18. Number_25

    The Summer Transfer Window Deadline Day - Friday 31st August 2012.

    Friday 31st August 2012 - The final day of transfers. Countdown To If this is a bit early, I apologise. Did this last year, and it made things a bit easier as it stopped about 10,000 additional threads from being made. Recap of events so far. 4th July 2012 - Steven Naismith joins on a Free...
  19. Number_25

    If you were David Moyes, who would you buy?

    If you was the manager, who would you buy? Let's give ourselves a budget - £12m from Rodwell, £5.3m already spent on Mirallas. That leaves us with £6.7m I'd personally go in for... John Guidetti - Manchester City (loan) The lad looked class in the Eredivisie (spelling?) last...
  20. Number_25

    Monday night’s performance and what it’s shown – Everton FC

    Hey guys, I've just done an article for I'm going to post it on here with quotes, but I would really appreciate it if you was to click on the URL to get my hits up. Thanks a lot...
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