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  1. paultheblue

    This is an Everton Forum

    As from tomorrow morning I will be avoiding all media and sports related radio stations for a minimum of 48 hours and if the worst happens it will stretch to a week. My gripe is I should be able to still come on here to read stories related to my team Everton but I am not able too as every...
  2. paultheblue

    Another False Dawn

    When Moshiri bought into the club I was delighted we have been waiting so long for someone to come along and make us great again. When he brought Koeman to the club I wasnt over excited but could see his reasons for doing so also the Walsh appointment made sense.Last season wasn't great but...
  3. paultheblue

    32 Years Ago Tomorrow

    This time 32 years ago I was on a ferry full of blues that had not long left Harwich looking forward to the biggest day in our history. We were the best team in England and probably Europe we wernt going to lose we didnt do losing then.It was a night full of singing and drinking copious amounts...
  4. paultheblue

    An Everton Awayday That Didnt go to plan

    We all have had awaydays that stand out for reasons beyond football one that springs to mind for me was Coventry away 19th August 1989. We left Liverpool probably about 11 oclock 4 off us in a Jaguar that had seen better days,It was the first game of the season so you are full of hope and at the...
  5. paultheblue

    Players we were after and should have signed

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing in 1970 we were in for Archie Gemmill but lost him to Derby in my opinion this was a big mistake and as things turned out as he could of made a big difference. We were champions at the time but never won a trophy for another 14 years. Who else were we seriously in...
  6. paultheblue

    My Arl Fella was ahead of his time

    Like probably many others on here my dad was a staunch blue,he never missed a match.He seemed to feel that it was his duty to bring as many new blues into the fold as possible. Where we lived we use to get a lot of out of towners moving into the area and he would see it as his duty to take them...
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