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  1. daza_1973

    Eight on the bounce ?

    Wednesday night - The Jason Puncheon fuelled Crystal Palace show rolls into town (again) without record breaking winds to hamper the game - Everton can set a new record of eight consecutive league wins! Seven equalled today at Sunderland and achieved last in April 1987. Hands up who saw this...
  2. daza_1973

    Complain to the FA...

    Apparently some blue on Five live just said he made a formal complaint to the FA after the Clattenberg affair two seasons ago, and they actually got back to him about his grievance... Any one fancy a go at crashing there system with complaints - i found this link...
  3. daza_1973

    The Run-in 2011.....

    It's that time of year again a 11 games to go - The only game that looks a defo nil poi is Utd away, but the rest are quite winn-able/draw-able Predictions and final points totals ??? Newcastle V Everton - 1-1 D Everton V Birmingham - 1-0 W Everton V Fulham...
  4. daza_1973

    Everton ranked 27th by Deloitte I know it's been touched on in other threads today, but I thought it deserved its own... Everton 27th in the world football...
  5. daza_1973

    Who we probably won't be playing in the FA cup 5th round.

    Full Draw :- west ham v burnley notts county / man city v villa stoke v brighton birmingham city v sheff wed leyton orient v arsenal Everton/chelsea v reading man u v crawley town Fulham/spurs v Bolton/wigan
  6. daza_1973

    October Manager of the month ??

    Not one to tempt fate - but with our 3 wins and one draw in october it looks like Mr Moyes is on for his 8th manger of the month award ? Making him 3rd in the all-time list below Arsene and Sir Alex. What a difference a month makes........
  7. daza_1973

    Why are we such lousy starters ??

    Another opening day defeat under our belts - I was just looking back at the past decade and was shocked at our record :- 2001 - Charlton 1 - Everton 2 2002 - Everton 2 - Spurs 2 2003 - Arsenal 2 - Everton 1 2004 - Everton 1 - Arsenal 4 2005 - Everton 0 - Man utd 2 2006 - Everton 2 -...
  8. daza_1973

    YOUR LEAST Favourite Evertonian moment - IN the Staduim

    someone was bound to do it so I thought what the hell. Your least favourite memories from Goodison Park history. I'll start Everton 2 - Oldham Ath. 2 - 1993 - I know it seems a strange one, but I have rarely been so fecked off on exiting goodison - 2-0 up and cruising 5 mins to go ...
  9. daza_1973

    Europa league Fairplay place ???

    Was just listening to five live summarising the city v brum game and the commentator claimed 8th at the moment would give brum a europa league fair play place for next season ??? Just gone on the the premier league site and the fair-play table hasn't been updated since late feb.. can anyone...
  10. daza_1973

    Moyes 3rd in all-time prem manager of the month list.

    After picking up march's Manager of the month award - our beloved manager is third in the list of all time-premiership winners - above such media darlings as wobbly-head and the soon to be ex-villa manager narkin O'neill.....and four places above the big spending - much whingeing FSW.. and only...
  11. daza_1973

    Danny Cadamarteri Derby

    I know I'm clutching at straws, but didn't the famous Danny Cadamarteri derby win in 1997 come on the back of a severe low point (in my time as a supporter anyway) - i.e losing 4-1 away to coventry and a super charged John Salako :unsure: - in the league cup and howard bollocking the team in...
  12. daza_1973

    Moyes state of mind?

    After publicly stating last monday that his search for new signings was making him feel 'demented' and after Mark Hughes continuing his underhand quest for lescott and in turn the said player whacking in a written transfer request...... then yesterday the joint biggest home defeat in living...
  13. daza_1973

    Everton around the world - update

    I posted this thread a while ago :- The intial responce I got from all you far flung blues is we don't get much media coverage outside these shores ,but just as a matter of interest after the events of the...
  14. daza_1973

    (Not so) instant Karma

    Sunday morning - after Evertons biggest day for 14 years and after the inital knee jerk reactions to yesterdays result one of the more worrying debates on this forum is the sky four/glass ceiling scenario. Have we come as far as we can - are we just kidding ourselves that the obvious mangerial...
  15. daza_1973

    Betting on the opposition

    Does anyone in a big game like saturdays ever put bet on the opposition to win just to soften the blow if the unthinkable (i.e we lose) happens? And has any one ever done it in the past ? Personally with the bookies offering 8/11ish on chelsea to win it wouldn't be worth it on this game...
  16. daza_1973

    Reasons to be cheerful - part 4!!!!

    After todays result I think we need to put things into perspective:- 1. We are currently 7 points clear of west ham in 7th, who we have yet to play at home(y) - we should bar a disaster qualify for Europe 2. We have a semi final / wembley appearance in 3 weeks against Utd - who looked...
  17. daza_1973

    Everton around the world ??

    After getting into our first F.A cup semi for 13 years a thought crossed my mind. Its something that has intrigued me for many years - its the question of how is our beloved team perceived across the four corners of the world? In this age of teams which comprise of every nationality possible...
  18. daza_1973

    Europa league ???

    With the possiblity of european football looking increasingly good after Utd's win today - Does anyone know what the format for this new 'Europa league' is next season - sounds exotic is it just the same old comp....with a new name???
  19. daza_1973

    1 in 15 - not bad eh?

    Although most of my threads can be bordering on the pessimistic side - (and evertonian disposition) :( :( I was just checking some statistics from this and last season to but our present form into some perspective and, suprisingingly I realised we are currently in a run of games in which we...
  20. daza_1973

    A week is a long time in football

    After Artetas injury:( - todays below par victory against the baggies and boros shock home win against the RS has everybodys outlook on the banker home quarter final next sunday changed? Mine has - personally im shi*ing it :unsure:
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