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  1. degsy

    Ancelotti should quit now for the sake of his own mental and physical health

    He been there, done everything he doesn't need this. If he knows what's good for him he should quit now, because these players, who arent going anywhere soon, will get him the sack sooner or later. Get out Carlo, before they give you a heart attack or ulcer. Even Usmanov hasn't got enough money...
  2. degsy

    Which and why, rs game would you rather win, league or cup?

    What are the odds on us winning any? If we do win one, will we win another? Which one will it be? Which one would you rather win? And why?
  3. degsy

    Dogs of War 2017; Which players would be up for it?

    If / when we eventually end up one from Fat Sam, Pulis, MoN, Dyche, A.N. Other...or even Silva. Any Improvement in results will no doubt require increased mental and physical effort. List the few you think might respond positively to the call to arms. Any total in single figures beggers the...
  4. degsy

    F.A. Cup Final Sat 14th May 1966: Golden Anniversary.

    For shame Lids, for a Fan Base that prides our selves on 'If yer know yer History', I hope we're not too lost in our shallowness, our wallowing in the now, not to cast our minds back and remember one of the greatest days in that History we go on about. A day of Hope then despair, of redemption...
  5. degsy

    The; Has he gone yet? thread.

    Jumped or Pushed - Sooner or later, this week, next week, sometime, never. It's bound to happen, it always does. The question is when. So check here to see if your dreams - or nightmares, have or have not come true. Pick your own date In the Managerial Sweepstakes. Degsy's Pick; Friday 13th...
  6. degsy

    The GOT Cool Wall; Terry Darracott - cool or not cool.

    Some got it. some don't Cool doesn't mean world beater, Legend, up there with the all time greats etc Some very good players just aren't cool Just Cool ( or un-cool ) nowt else. The Stracq was cool. Post your Cool / Un-cool here
  7. degsy

    Luke Garbutt quote.

    ' With the games coming thick and fast we hadn't worked on a set formation. It was a quick turn around. It surprised a few of the players.' Not really a surprise, more a confirmation of of the depths of our wretchedness.
  8. degsy

    Anti Kneejerk thred

    All together now, deep breath and slowly repeat after me.... One ( pause ) Game ( pause ) at a ( pause ) Time. yeah, yeah I know 'thred' typos 'R' me
  9. degsy

    Out of a possible 23(?) how many games will Gibbo start

    And how many of those will he finish. Or would it be better, if required, to get him to the surgeon now which will give him a 6mth pre season to make or break.
  10. degsy

    Short corners? a better option than just lump it in??

    I've lost count of; 1) the number of corners we've had this season ( no doubt some anorak will tell me ) 2) how many goals we have scored from them, I will even stretch it to goals that came as a result of what happened after the corner My answers...1) Many....2) not many There are many...
  11. degsy

    One game at a time

    Please, no more of this ' top by teatime ' jinxology, do not mention or encourage Mr Murphy, in any way shape or form, to apply his law. ( that goes tripple for Derby Games ) Wait until the last game of the season and then you can look at the league table and see just which position we are...
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