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  1. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Everton v Tottenham Hotspur.- FA Cup 5th Rd.- Wednesday - 8.15pm

    Here we go again. A weird feeling having a cup game midweek but we can pretend we got a draw at their place and have brought them back to Goodison for the replay. Another weird feeling preferring to play the game at their place but taking into account our results this season, I'm sure most of us...
  2. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Leeds United v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds!!. I still do. Dirty Leeds. I'll hate them even more if they become the second unlikeable club to do the double over us in the space of 5 days. (Not as much as I'll hate Everton though). What can I say about the Newcastle match that hasn't already been said...
  3. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Everton v Rotherham. Sat. 9th Jan, 2021. 12.00. FA Cup 3rd round

    Happy New Year blues and visitors from other fan bases. Hope you're all healthy and safe. Even you loveable kopites pretending to be blues. Well, let's face it, you're not very healthy. That much is obvious. However, I for one, wish you no ill and genuinely hope you're safe. Stay away from sharp...
  4. Jamo Martinez

    Green Shoots

    Ok. I know. The number of false dawns we've seen over the last 3 decades is only comparable to the amount of genuine nightmares we've had to sweat through. And a skim through the match/Transfer/individual player threads since Silva's departure show just how far we still have to go. However, and...
  5. Jamo Martinez

    Best 11 since we last won a trophy

    Martyn Coleman Baines Jagielka Lescott Arteta Gueye Kanchelskis Piennar Rooney Lukaku. Subs: Pickford Stones Digne Donovan Carsley Richarlison Saha.
  6. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Everton v Watford - Carabao Cup 4th rd - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Sorry, no pics coz I'm on my phone. My computer's gone all 'zonal marking'. As in it's not working. Like you, I've been working out the easiest route to the final. Colchester at home in the QF and Sunderland in the semi. So obviously we'll go out on penalties tomorrow. Seriously think we'll win...
  7. Jamo Martinez

    Homepage Update: Everton v Swansea. Monday 18th December - 8.00pm

    Roll up, roll up!! Big Sam's blue and White army are back at Goodison for another one of those 'winnable' matches against one of the teams whose results have been worse than ours. Even before Allardyce arrived. Swansea are firmly rooted to the foot of the premier league table and a full 10...
  8. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Swansea v Everton

    Yes. We're back. And so am I. I imagine most people who write up previews might give it a miss because they were travelling abroad. I might be the only person on this forum who gives it a miss because they are travelling to England. But that's just me hey. Mr unique. Come to think about it...
  9. Jamo Martinez

    West Ham v Everton. Saturday 22 April, 3.00pm

    Boiled beef and Jellied eels. World cup winners West'am welcome Everton to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and their spanking new (free) London Stadium. Their plan for world domination hasn't quite gone as they'd hoped, has it? A fair few on here were fuming last season because we missed out...
  10. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Everton v Burnley - Saturday April 15 - 3.00pm

    EVERTON! EVERTON! EVERTON! Yes. Another game at Goddison and I can hear the above chant in my mind's, well, ear (I suppose). And it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Or is that the static electricity from my computer screen? Next up, Bernleh. I've never been to...
  11. Jamo Martinez

    Match Thread Everton v Leicester (Sunday 9 April, 16.00)

    We're back at Goodison after what seems like an eternity. International break and 2 away games on the trot. 2 not very far away games and a disappointing return to say the least. 2 big away games against 2 of our biggest rival historically speaking. Now for something easier. Wait a minute...
  12. Jamo Martinez

    Everton v Norwich City - EFL Cup - Tuesday 20 Sept, 19.45 KO

    OK. Looks like Ijjy and Goat are on their period and Chico is, as usual, taking a well earned break. It's down to a rank amateur like me to try and serve up a fun and informative preview. Don't hold your breath on that score. What about those blues hey. how boss are we? remains to be seen...
  13. Jamo Martinez

    Boys to men

    No I haven't posted a thread about some cringe producing pop group in the wrong forum. I am of course talking about our much lauded group of exciting young togger players. In the midst of a largely frustrating time for Everton and its fans, the youth and inexperience of some of our heroes seems...
  14. Jamo Martinez

    Do you remember?

    Looked up a detail earlier for a post on the debut thread and got caught up on a stats/results site (the way you do). Saw something curious which I had absolutely no recollection or knowledge of. At the end of the 70-71 season, to round off a crap season in crap fashion, we played Stoke in a...
  15. Jamo Martinez

    The Everton Bored thread

    I'm really fed up with them at the moment. I'm going to bed. Buenas Noches.
  16. Jamo Martinez


    Can people please stop using the ridiculously pathetic expression 'War Chest' when talking about the money we'll have to spend on signings. This is not the Sun, The Mirror or the Daily Mail ffs. Yours Hopefully Jamo (no relation) Martinez
  17. Jamo Martinez

    Golden Dive (No, not Felix. The other one)

    In what minute do you think Louise will get her penalty in the Derby? Place your bets. I'm going for the 34th minute. Somewhere in my heart there is a star that shines for Everton. That star is called optimism and I think we'll beat the [Poor language removed] 4-2
  18. Jamo Martinez

    RUMOUR BUSTER - Just Stop It, Please

    People on Titter, Talk Shoite, The Daily Fail and Pyar are talking through their fcuking arses. If you believe any of this garbage, you're on crack. Oh, and yer mar's foof smells. Yours sincerely The Rumour Buster
  19. Jamo Martinez

    The official ''FFS We haven't signed anyone yet we're gonna get relegated'' Thread

    Thread for professional meltdowners. Don't say I never do anything for you. Lifelong blue and self made multi-billionaire in. Kenwrong out. in, out, in, out shake it all about
  20. Jamo Martinez

    Everton v Fulham - Preview of the match preview

    OK. For the majority of this season, Chico's match previews have been more eagerly anticipated than the matches themselves. And with good god damned reason. They generally hit the spot. Don't put Cahill in the hole no matter how gash he's playing. And they don't pull everyone back at corners...
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