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  1. Vim Fuego

    5th signing of the summer - your prediction

    Brian Butterfield. Bill Oddie. Shawaddywaddy. Reginald Bosenquet. Edward Elizabeth Hitler. That tit from the advert " Kate's still....Kate. Cyril Smith...
  2. Vim Fuego

    Trivia Question

    I like feta cheese. Deal with it, quegs.
  3. Vim Fuego

    Everton 1-2 Real Madrid KO 0100 4th August

    We'll win this. 5 - 1 I reckon.
  4. Vim Fuego

    5th signing of the summer - your prediction

    Papalazarou. Popadom.
  5. Vim Fuego

    5th signing of the summer - your prediction

    i can see your Davor Sukoer angle, but word on the streets of dodge seem to think Fabrizio Ravanelli is more likely. oh, and Dave Lawson is 10 times a keeper than Buffon will ever be.
  6. Vim Fuego

    5th signing of the summer - your prediction

    McCarthy. Nailed on.
  7. Vim Fuego

    apology from Manchester United

    Absolutely spot on. He hates to be betrayed,and though the penny has not quite dropped with him as yet, call it living in denial, whatever.But in time he will come to terms with the fact that we have been shafted by a trusted person who's own ultimate goal exceeds club loyalty. I was very pro...
  8. Vim Fuego

    apology from Manchester United

    At first I wished DM all the best for his future. But now I hope he flops big time and ends up as Steve Bruce's assistant at Hull City. Underhand, self serving [Poor language removed].
  9. Vim Fuego

    Carragher: Top six the furthest Everton can go

    Careful ! He ' knows' very bad and incredibly naughty men. Look how Lucas Neil came close to a painful demise in the Trafford Centre a few years back. He's a regular Tony Soprano you know .
  10. Vim Fuego

    Best you've ever felt at an EFC match/worst you've ever felt at an EFC match?

    Best = Bayern Munich. Worst = The Glen Keeley Derby game.
  11. Vim Fuego

    Jelavic- Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

    I'd rather that we kept him for now to see if he gets his act back together. If he fails to impress then get rid in January .
  12. Vim Fuego

    What everton player would you welcome back with open arms?

    Martin Dobson. Class, personified.
  13. Vim Fuego


    Can't wait to get rid of this Slaven Bilic reincarnate.
  14. Vim Fuego

    Kone Signs on 3 Year Deal

    He'll thrive at Everton. I'm very happy that he's ours.
  15. Vim Fuego

    Dave Hickson

    Sad to lose another true legend. RIP Dave Hickson.
  16. Vim Fuego

    Coaching trio Depart

    I'm delighted to be rid of Chris Woods.
  17. Vim Fuego

    Leighton Baines

    When Baines goes forward, Distin drifts to the left to cover, thus exposing a void between Jagielka and Distin for our opponents to potentially exploit. It is simple tactics. Not a reason to validate an effin sale to anyone at any price.
  18. Vim Fuego

    Moyes Potential Replacement

    But...but...but. Bill thinks you all love Dunc ! Poor Bill, his incompetence has been cruelly exposed by DM's departure. Can't effin wait for next season.
  19. Vim Fuego

    The summer 2013 Everton transfer rumourZ thread

    Geoff Nulty on loan with a view to buy.
  20. Vim Fuego

    Moyes Potential Replacement

    It's internal. In other news, I had garlic bread for my tea.
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