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  1. Mutzo Nutzo

    Our Next Manager

    Big week for Bobby. Will he still be here at the end? Will we still be here? Who knows - but if the taxi does arrive for him - who will take his place? and why?
  2. Mutzo Nutzo

    Post your open Letters to Elstone Here

    Okay chaps - the time for talking is over, the time for action is now! We all know that Elstone haunts this forum, so post your open letters to him here If you want something to change at our club - then let's hear it
  3. Mutzo Nutzo

    The Wig

    Just wanna say - he was awesome today (well second half) He's a beast of a player, and he's just cruising into top gear.....question is Can we hang onto him?
  4. Mutzo Nutzo

    Just found This

    Everton v Southampton FA Cup 5th round replay Eamon OKeefe scores in extra time, and the GSE went totally feckin mental. I was there ....the game and the goal always stuck in my mind .....was anyone else there?
  5. Mutzo Nutzo

    New Everton Kit

    Rumour has it ...that this is it's kinda growing on me L.C.A.B have you heard anythin? this genuine?
  6. Mutzo Nutzo

    Finch Farm Facts

    Lets here your trivia and facts about Finch Farm The penalty spots are made from ground up moon rocks after Neil Armstrong made in impomptu visit during his ill-advised comeback tour.
  7. Mutzo Nutzo

    Meh.....we're Poo

    Went to the game last night...wish I hadn't. Started off brightly enough but we never really played with any belief or conviction. Minus Points 1. Playing with no heart and soul 2. Having to "discuss" the game afterwards with a gang of Tottenham fans in the pub! ....They were alright...
  8. Mutzo Nutzo

    Imagine you're an Everton player

    Imagine your an Everton player, what things really get on yer tits? I'll start You're doing fitness training, and get partnered with the Yak for piggyback races...oooph!
  9. Mutzo Nutzo

    Transfer Rumour - Eddie Honda

    Source: The Daily Mirror Everton lined up bid for Japan star Keisuke Honda - Over to you he any good?
  10. Mutzo Nutzo

    Moyes Bitch Slaps Hughes on SSN

    Just bin on....Moysey just put Hughes in his Place Basically said that he does the deals, and no-ones talking to him... And that lescotts head has been turned by the dark-side
  11. Mutzo Nutzo

    Those Damn Pesky Voles

    Apparently, theres a family of hibernating water voles that are holding up destination Kirkby. They have taken up residence in a brook that needs to be diverted as part of Tesco's cunning masterplan. It would appear that its illegal to disturb these critters.So they will have to be moved on...
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