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  1. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

    Gallardo out of contract in a few weeks and looking for a move to Europe.
  2. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who is to blame? [The Athletic video]

    I blame the Goodison cat.
  3. Mutzo Nutzo

    2021/22 The Everton Board Thread

    Now it all makes sense
  4. Mutzo Nutzo

    Ask the club ONE question

    Where have you got Keith Wyness locked up
  5. Mutzo Nutzo

    Marcel Brands

    heads need to roll
  6. Mutzo Nutzo

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    You need to either calm down or pipe down. Which one will it be prom queen?
  7. Mutzo Nutzo

    Marcel Brands

    If he’s found to be playing political games at the expense of the club then he needs booting.
  8. Mutzo Nutzo

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    He’s not that good - Chico’s multi’s are always crap
  9. Mutzo Nutzo

    Marcel Brands

    I’d even go so far as to suggest that maybe Benitez’s actions and tactical screw-ups are considered acts to highlight the limitations of Brands and force Moshiri to boot Brands out of the club. Hmmmmm…food for thought? Benitez is a sneaky get.
  10. Mutzo Nutzo

    Marcel Brands

    I think what Brands was alluding to in his cryptic response was the inherent injury crisis and the financial restrictions as bring the reasons for our situation. If that is the case then both he and Benitez need booting straight away. Here are the reasons why both should be volleyed down...
  11. Mutzo Nutzo

    2021/22 Salomón Rondón

    Think they were clapping due to the fact he had a hamstring snap and will be out for at least 7 weeks
  12. Mutzo Nutzo

    Anybody that can watch not watching tonight's Derby ?

    I’m going the pub later and will spend the evening taking the piss out of my farmer mates. They haven’t even heard of football so I should be safe.
  13. Mutzo Nutzo

    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

    The only thing Benitez can do tonight to bring him back with the crowd is volley klipperty in the nut sack after 5 mins and take a red card. Only then will he be reconciled with the faithful.
  14. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

    No you talk in circles, constantly contradicting yourself and answering your own arguments. That is why you’re not taken seriously in here. Before blaming others take a long hard look at yourself and your antics on the forum before you start casting aspersions.
  15. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

  16. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

    The vaults never lie
  17. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

    Oh its a lie is it? You spout so much shabite - you lose track of yourself
  18. Mutzo Nutzo

    Is it time we had our own "ritiro" like they do in Italy?

    Our lot would arrange a lock-in at the Lisbon
  19. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

    The Brazilan giants (Plameiras, Flamengo, Santos, Gremio, Mineiro) have vastly more spending power than Argentinian teams and so tend to hoover up all the best talent in South America. To even achieve a part of what Gallardo has done by mainly coaching young players and players bought on a...
  20. Mutzo Nutzo

    Who's next after Benitez

    You talk of Ten Hag taking Ajax to a CL semi final but Gallardo has won the Copa Libertadores twice as a manager of River with only a fraction of the spending power of the mighty Brazilian teams. Won the league this year and voted best South American coach for the last 4 years running. But not...
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