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  1. windymiller

    Please, please, please can we ditch three at the back now?

    We've been terrible every time we have played this system. Buy a right back in January, play Nkounkou and JJK until then in a four.
  2. windymiller

    Font on shirts

    Watching the FA cup final and Arsenal have some sort of gothic font for the numbers and names on the back of the shirts. I assumed every club had to use the same fonts. What should Everton have? A classic Times New Roman, retro-futuristic Impact, Wingdings?
  3. windymiller

    Parking at Goodison on non-match days

    My wife bought me tickets for a stadium tour (last time I went on one was 1986!) but I've realised that I've never parked at Goodison when there hasn't been a match on. Does anybody know what the set up is? Yes, I do realise I can park up at the Lisbon but I was hoping to be a little closer to...
  4. windymiller

    Leaders on the pitch?

    I know we need central midfield players, a centre half and a goalscorer but the thing I think we lack the most is a leader on the pitch. Delph was apparently bought with this in mind but I've seen no sign of it myself. Coleman, Mina and Pickford shout and point a lot but it seems to have...
  5. windymiller


    Loving that we are linked with Brazilian and Italian wunderkinds, fancy wingers and experienced forwards but I'm a bit worried that we're going to end up with two centre halves and one right back (plus Holgate, I suppose) for the first half of the season. Wtf is going on?
  6. windymiller

    Club finances

    Couldn't see this posted elsewhere Everton has posted a second consecutive year of record revenues totalling £189m - a 10 per cent increase on the previous year. Commercial revenue from sponsorship, advertising and merchandising grew by 34 per...
  7. windymiller

    Match Thread Bury vs Everton Weds 18th July 19.45 KO

    0 - 23, anyone?
  8. windymiller

    Who IS good enough for Everton?

    Lozano isn't as good as Lookman. Carvalho is too slow. Plattenhardt is the German Naismith. All things said on this forum. Today. So, if regular internationals for top nations at the world cup aren't good enough, who is? Messi, Ronaldo? Too old? Neymar? Primadonna?
  9. windymiller

    The fate of Samuel Allardyce

    I know there is already an Allardyce thread. I know that there will be some snarky comments about another one. I know the mods may well shut this down. But.... What does the future hold for the manager of Everton Football Club? (I have allowed 2 choices for the inevitable cheese/toast/gravy...
  10. windymiller

    How will we line up against Watford and Burnley (and what will that mean)?

    Will Allardyce line up against Watford and Burnley away in the same style as the away games against Bournemouth and West Bromwich? If he does is that justified? Would 2 points from those games be a good return?
  11. windymiller

    Walter Smith's best signing

    Obviously everyone will choose Joe-Max Moore but I thought I would put up the poll anyway. Your choice will not be made public (unless by you)
  12. windymiller

    Transfer Rumour Wilfried Bony

    Seems like a lot of chatter, delight/moans?
  13. windymiller

    Lobby the club to pay the living wage

    I know that this has been mentioned in a couple of other threads (and if the mods feel this should be locked or merged then fair enough) but, in light of Luton Town's recent decision to commit to paying all of their staff the living wage and the call by the TUC for us to do the same...
  14. windymiller

    Paul Wilson - Guardian journalist

    I read this comment "Everton were only three goals down at half-time, after all, and perfectly happy to settle for a 4-0 result after a taking a pounding" in an article by Paul Wilson entitled "Brendan Rodgers' vintage side in the making leaves Anfield stunned" and I was a bit disappointed, not...
  15. windymiller

    Long way down

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.
  16. windymiller

    Moyes is second favourite for the Spurs job according to the bookies

    After Mourinho apparently.
  17. windymiller


    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. How many of our first team squad are out of contract in the summer? I think Distin's is definitely up and what about Duffy, Baxter, McAleny etc..?
  18. windymiller

    Thoroughly depressing read
  19. windymiller


    With Mikel 'first man' Arteta gone, who do you suppose will be taking our corners and free kicks from out wide? Baines will, obviously, be taking most of the direct free kicks but who else do you fancy taking them on as well?
  20. windymiller

    Saha to Leicester

    Well they've apparently been in for Yakubu, Anichebe and, now, Beckford so surely it's only a matter of time. Sven must've been really impressed with our forwards last year!
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