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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

    Anyone stuck on M6? Is it closed J16-18?
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

    Oh we hate Bill Shankly and we hate St John But most of all we hate Big Ron And we’ll hang the Kopites, one by one, on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey So to hell with Liverpool and Rangers, too Throw them all in the Mersey Cos we’ll fight, fight, fight, with all our might For the boys in the...
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

    This is true mate. Most of us are fuming about how badly the club is run. If things happened to direct all that energy into the game in a positive way it would be great.
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    Is it time we had our own "ritiro" like they do in Italy?

    Kendall used to take them for. Chinese dinner!!! Worked well sometimes but one one occasion at least two players came to blows!!! Might have been when Harvey tried it too!! @Dario Terracotta will have all the details!!!!
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    Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

    Got my boots at the ready. Will drop out of 6 a side tonight just in case!!!
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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    To compete higher up the league consistently, yes. But also To compete for 15 minutes against Brentford who were sitting on their single goal lead we also need a practically completely new team?
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    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    This is what worries me about constantly waiting for the best team to be available. Gives an excuse mentality to those on the pitch and those coming back are expected to perform miracles. Had Brentford played well we could have lost anyway but they were not much good and still did enough to...
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    Match Thread Brentford v Everton. Sun 28th November. 2pm

    I have to say I am not too convinced by Branthwaite yet but I really want something different to try to shake things up. So one in midfield and one up front, deffo. Young, keen, fearless and unknown to the opposition!! Or same old??
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    Old Everton Pictures

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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Anyone know why Chelsea away is not on the list of upcoming fixtures on the online purchase section? And secondly, when might the selling info be announced? Merci!
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    Cliff Marshall

    That is sad news and pretty young. It was quite a shock to see the reaction he got from home fans in the 1970s when he first broke into the first team and to see my very polite dad nearly come to blows with guys laughing at and insulting him. RIP and condolences to his family.
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    Match Thread Man City v Everton - Sunday 21st November 2pm. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Despite everything we have been in even worse situations than this! However, I would definitely encourage you to begin a short conversation of 🙏 with anyone you know up top so as you don’t appear as a complete stranger in March!!!!!
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Still got mine somewhere!!! One of my lecturers at uni never stopped referring to it when I was wearing it -which was nearly always!
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    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    Doesn’t seem too much to ask, mate!!!!!
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    "Watch Classic Matches Again"

    “Somethings never change, mate!!!!” Literally “ more that/it changes, more that/it is the same thing” And MG got the accents correct, too! 👏👏 @Major Gowen
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Gunnersbury Park is not far. (Or at least it was not from Griffin Park). I scored from the halfway line there once in the mid 80s less than 10 seconds into the game!!!! Never repeated I hasten to add!!!
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    Old Everton Pictures

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    Old Everton Pictures

    @Eggs, @Dario Terracotta Just to pick up the Susan George theme, iirc she was interviewed talking about BK’s passion for Everton in one of the pre Cup Final programmes. 1984 probably. Not sure if she is a blue herself or just says so because of the BK link.
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    2021/22 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Magic thigh injury medicine, hopefully ! Not the stuff Gbamin used either!!
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    Old Everton Pictures

    Great pic!! Great goal, one of the worst nights!!!! Sigh.
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