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  1. zukai12_

    Will Everton ever be a good side again

    as somebody from the future i can say yes , but we end up being liquidated in 2060 as part of an election promise designed to win liverpool fc fans over to the neo-whig party
  2. zukai12_

    Who's next after Benitez

    We can get Vilas Boas if we give him tike off for the Dakar Rally
  3. zukai12_

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    Remember there was one weekend when their keeper scored and we lost at home to Sheffield United with a player on his first appearance scoring
  4. zukai12_

    The future

    Future? Were we're going there ain't no future
  5. zukai12_

    David Unsworth

    Hibbo? Nah somebody painted a half way line on front of his house back in 2017 and he's been stuck inside since
  6. zukai12_


    you ever heard of Punctuation and Paragraphs?
  7. zukai12_

    Who's next after Benitez

    I'm more and more thinking we need to poach a championship overperformer Coventey look good this season and the Gurning guy has Forest doing okay
  8. zukai12_


    Probably not this year Probably not next year or the year after But if we keep replacing good players with average ones, and replacing Average players with bad ones.... Who knows, one cold january morning in 2025 and we are 7 points adrift all of a sudden
  9. zukai12_

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    I largely think there's not much point in firing him unless the board goes But, as bad as relegation would be, the mere thought of him relegating us is too much
  10. zukai12_

    All or Nothing: Everton

    Nothing it is then
  11. zukai12_

    2021/22 The Everton Board Thread

    Problem is i have 0 trust in these clowns to spend money well We could pivot to delevoping talent and selling big but far more likely to keep buying cast offs
  12. zukai12_

    Leave the ground empty on Monday night

    'kopite behaviour' we could do with some to be honest
  13. zukai12_

    Leave the ground empty on Monday night

    Oldham fans threw tennis balls on the pitch a while back a good way to get the game stopped - to show the frustration- without risk of hurting anybody but in any case a statement needs to be made
  14. zukai12_

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    welcome Sean Longstaff
  15. zukai12_

    2021/22 The Everton Board Thread

    say what you want about liverpool fans but no way would they be accepting a board like this something must be done
  16. zukai12_

    Sack him or not

    Koeman incoming
  17. zukai12_

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    honestly, i just sort of feel pity for him same with Silva in 2019, seem like nice men but it just is not working
  18. zukai12_

    Sack him or not

    have to say i'd rather get relegate under Lampard or whatever than under a liverpool legend
  19. zukai12_

    2021/22 The Everton Board Thread

    need something major to happen , protest , boycott idk although half the fans will call it Kopite Behaviour or some nonsense this board will kill this club and the must be removed
  20. zukai12_

    Farhad Moshirì

    the warning signs were there when he called Lukaku a Voodoo and made that idiotic "we've got our our fab 4" comment how the hell he ended up with a billion is beyond me
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