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  1. EFCccc

    Line Up If James Stays

    Do you think he starts?. If so how do we line up with him?. Or do you think Benitez will bench him?.
  2. EFCccc

    Well done Rafael

    We came out second half and looked a real threat going forward. I think this man knows what he’s doing. Edit: James who?.
  3. EFCccc

    How long till we sign our first player

    WINDOW IS OPEN .....
  4. EFCccc

    Transfer Rumour Denzel Dumfries

    Apparently Brands wants this done before Friday.
  5. EFCccc

    Transfer Rumour Badou N'Diaye

    Rumours seem to be really picking up now, how do you feel about this?.
  6. EFCccc

    How will we finish top 6 as it stands?.

    With deadline day edging closer and closer most will agree that we may have messed up this window. We have spent £150m with key areas not getting addressed (so far). But my question is are we any closer to the top 6. Obviously Keane and Pickford improve us, but do any of the other signings?. Is...
  7. EFCccc

    Transfer Rumour: Danny Welbeck

    well we need someone else to moan about now since Sig is nearly done, so lets move onto another target.
  8. EFCccc

    How do we line up?.

    How do you guys think we will line up against Stoke on the first day of the season?.
  9. EFCccc

    Transfer Rumour Christian Benteke

  10. EFCccc

    Is Rooney our new striker?.

    Now that Sig looks like happening does anyone think Rooney will play as our main striker.
  11. EFCccc

    Do we need a new LB?.

    just seen Galloway has joined sunderland on loan which leaves us very thin at LB. do you expect another signing to fill that position?.
  12. EFCccc

    Is this the Lukaku money?.

    We have spent £90m so far this window and i'm curious, is this the Lukaku money?. Or do you expect more funds when Lukaku leaves?.
  13. EFCccc

    Transfer Rumour Michael Keane

    thought this deserves it's own thread as it looks very likely to be happening. Thoughts?.
  14. EFCccc

    What will we spend without Barkley/Lukaku sale

    say's it all above. I'm thinking around £50m?.
  15. EFCccc

    New home kit

    When does the new home kit generally get released?.
  16. EFCccc

    Your top ten prediction

    as we head into GW7 whats your top ten prediction?. I know its still early, but we have had a little look at how things are going so whats yours?. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Arsenal 4. Man Utd 5. Tottenham 6. Chelsea 7. Everton 8. Watford 9. Southampton 10. Palace
  17. EFCccc

    Michael Carrick on a free

    Would you be interested in taking Carrick on a free now his contract is up?. I think he could be a good addition to our squad.
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