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    It was on the 14th of May........

    50 years ago today was a big day for Evertonians.....beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-2, first team to come from 2-0 down in FA cup final at Wembley. Best day of my dad's life. Eddie Kavanagh showed what it feels like to be an Evertonians when you win stuff. Here's hoping we all feel that some time...
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    Hull away

    Any news on tickets? As of 5 mins ago still nothing on main site and can't get through by phone to the ticket office.
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    Gareth Barry yesterday

    Running on empty I think but well done for that header to Seamus for the goal. Dug deep and got our reward.
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    Yellow cards

    Seem to be clocking up a bit. Any key players in danger of missing Utd or arsenal away?
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    norwich vs Everton

    A bit early I guess but what are the chances of this match going to general or 1 away credit from last season (non STH for the 1 credits) merci.
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