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  1. diggerdestroyer


    Looking over the wall at our neighbours one has to admit the intensity of their play is another level. Fitness wise they are streets ahead. They brought some excellent dietians in and that has made a difference. We need to match that to have a go at top 6, not to mind top 4. Our play at times is...
  2. diggerdestroyer

    Angry birds!!!

    Is it bottom 3 wear? Teams like hull tigers have that wallop on kit. Is it a sign?
  3. diggerdestroyer

    Lack of Intensity

    I don't think its just our team it happens to. But is it just me or is there a bit difference in our player's intensity off the ball in closing down and fighting for possession in the man u match and today against Southampton (and crystal palace) We can blame the ref, del boy, our second choice...
  4. diggerdestroyer

    If we qualify for europe its NOT because of our home support

    Was in the Terrace yesterday. Am baffled by the lack of support or any kind of effort to generate support. You could hear a pin drop all match. Ive noticed as well that it seems to be a new trend that for some sections that when we get a bit of a slagging for it from away fans our answer is "...
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