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    Blue Arsed Flies

    Or the ones that half leave but then stand in the aisle for 10 minutes.
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    Blue Arsed Flies

    When I moved to the Street End, the very first game one lad came in 5 minutes late. Then literally (and I kid you not) got right back up 30 seconds later and went out to get a drink. Obviously as he was passing I gave it the "[Poor language removed] sake" and he kicked off saying he needed a drink. Everyone...
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    Yannick Bolasie

    Saves his best performances of the season for Merseyside (Goodison and Anfield). On that basis we'll get at least 20 great performances from him a season.
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    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    So true, I've got so many people on ignore there are only 3-4 posts a page. Makes it easier to catch up on the big threads.
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    Since the February 2016: Moshiri takeover ...

    1. Stadium 2. We don't have to sell our best players anymore to bring new ones in 3. If the manager fancies a player, we now have the resources to get that player.
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    Next manager discussion (poll reset 21/05/2016)

    3 points off a champions league spot and that was after missing Forster for the first 4 months or so (maybe longer)
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    Parking at Wembley Stadium

    Cheers for this. Just rented a driveway for £5 that's a 2 minute walk from Watford underground (watford was always the plan). Saves messing about trying to find a parking space on Saturday.
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    Tim Howard

    He could admit he's been poor instead of saying if you're not a professional goalkeeper then you can't judge me. It's the big ego that irritates me. Yes, he doesn't pick himself but at least hold yo
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    Chris Kamara/Owen on Twitter

    Arsenal? 7 letters and need an RVP replacement
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