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  1. MACCA75

    Player of the season?

    Not many games left but must still be wide open really. Not one player who hasn’t had a significant dip in form or a spell out with injury (Godfrey aside maybe?) Who is your top 3?
  2. MACCA75

    And it’s LIVE..!!

    I think I’m right in saying that we have now had our last 38 league games televised live on one channel or another - ie an entire season. I have to admit it’s the first time in my life I’ve seen every game, home and away including cup games live for an entire year. So the question is, should...
  3. MACCA75

    Our away record in numbers..

    Just done some totting up of our away record at Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and Arsenal. (Did it quickly in case of any slight innacuracy) Our last games at; Liverpool. P 23. W 0 Chelsea. P 30. W 0 Arsenal P 25. W 0 Man Utd P 27 W 1. The one win in over 100 games is heavily...
  4. MACCA75

    Build your perfect Everton player

    The McFadden thread had me thinking that the lad had skill, but lacked so many other attributes. Like many of our players, he wasn’t the full package. So... if you could build the perfect ‘Frankenstein’ Everton player, based on their performances for the club. What would you go with? I’ll go...
  5. MACCA75

    Throwing out the baby with the bath water

    Last season was awful. Consistently mediocre displays and forgettable games. And yet, we finished 8th. Not great by any stretch, but a pretty average and respectable finishing position for the club. We would all like to improve, and we are seeing a complete overhaul of the management...
  6. MACCA75

    Top of the Flops (part two)

    Time for the latest run down of how our glorious summer signings are getting on. Who will nab that prestigious Xmas number 1 slot.. 1. Michael Keane. This months high climber. A man who gets bullied by his own shadow, rumour has it Michael once applied for the army, only to be turned down...
  7. MACCA75

    Top of the flops

    Latest chart is out of our summer arrivals: 1. Sandro. 5th week at the top for the Spaniard who came on and set up the winner for Lyon in a delightfully bad cameo midweek. 2. Michael Keane. This weeks high climber thanks to his game of dodgeball he played against Arsenal. Looks more...
  8. MACCA75

    The 'media conspiracy'

    Perceived wisdom amongst Evertonians is that there is a 'media conspiracy' or agenda against the club. That the press actively want us to fail and hate us having top players. It isn't true though really is it? The BBC chief sports editor is a blue. The MOTD presenter was a record goalscorer...
  9. MACCA75

    Too many midfielders. Who goes?

    As per the thread title. We have an abundance of central midfielders. Obviously Gibson should go, but who else? Barry has a new contract, so is presumably staying. Obviously there is no desire to lose Morgan, Gana, Davies or Barkley. Leaves us with another one - at least - to offload, be it...
  10. MACCA75

    The Purple Patch

    Those 4 games that we won at the start of the season. We didn't really play great in any of them, but we managed to beat; West Brom Stoke Sunderland Boro. Now most new managers provide a bounce in results - the honeymoon period as it is referred to. Those results have clouded people's view of...
  11. MACCA75

    End of Season Report Card

    Ok, not the end of the season yet, but only the most optimistic fan would suggest that it isn't going to end on Saturday. Marks out of 10 and brief comments please: Howard. 2/10 Proved that last seasons form was indeed a terminal decline. Thanks and Goodbye. Robles. 8/10. Hasn't let...
  12. MACCA75

    Rip it up and start again?

    The more I look at the squad, the more I'm thinking wholesale changes might be required. As much as we can blame Roberto for the flop this year, the players need to be held to account too. I think virtually every area of the pitch needs looking at: Goalkeeper - Definitely require a new first...
  13. MACCA75

    Worst team in the world

    Are we the worst team in the world to support? It feels like it sometimes. How many teams have since 1995 have: Not won anything. Or Not finished in the top 3 of their division. I'll be surprised if there are a lot of teams who have managed that..
  14. MACCA75

    We need to talk about Kevin..

    I'll keep it out of the Mirallas performance thread though, as it isn't just specifically about him, but the left hand side of the pitch in general. I do see the logic of playing Kone there. The idea is that his centre forward instincts mean he will drift inside and link with Lukaku in and...
  15. MACCA75

    Set pieces..

    Are completely undermining our season. Both offensively and defensively. Crosses into our box generally cause chaos (we let the opposition cross the ball all too easily actually), but we really need to work on defending corners in particular. I'd even be happy for Roberto to bring in a...
  16. MACCA75

    Five things we learned from City game

    Maybe we can do a 'five things we learned..' thread every game? For me: 1. Barry, Cleverly and McCarthy should not be starting games together. Unless we are winning then I see no reason they should be on the pitch at the same time. 2. Mirallas. Needs to be in the team. Can't be thrilled at...
  17. MACCA75

    Players who had a rubbish second spell..

    Del (or whatever you want to call him) coming back has got me thinking of players who returned to the club for a second spell, but were rubbish or underwhelming second time around. (Not implying that Del will be) I can think of a few, but I'll just start with one: Franny Jeffers. One at a...
  18. MACCA75

    Things I'd like to see before the end of the season..

    Kone to start a couple of games at least. Garbutt, same as above. Barry to spend some time on the bench Barkley to start a game in central midfield A game where we start two strikers. To always, always have at least two of : Mirallas, Lennon, McGeady and Atsu on the pitch. Any more??
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