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  1. Sharpattack

    League Position

    Maybe I missed it, but I thought there might be a thread on where we might finish (before we've even kicked a ball!)? I know everyone heads into the new season full of confidence, particularly when we have spent a few quid. However, years of bitter experience suggests otherwise. If we finish...
  2. Sharpattack

    Next 6 Fixtures

    Over the last few months I've read threads on here looking ahed to our next 5 or 6 fixtures usually accompanied by predictions that we could have a go at top 6 or consolidating 7th place as best of the rest. None of these predictions have come true. I looked at the next half dozen fixtures and I...
  3. Sharpattack

    An Expensive Line-Up

    Just looked at the line-up if we put the most expensive players in their natural position. Pickford Williams Keane Baines Coleman Bolasie Walcott Siggurddson Schneiderlin Tosun Niasse Worth noting that even though he cost £60k Coleman gets in ahead of Martina because he was free. Dodged a...
  4. Sharpattack

    Jesus Wept

    Jesus wept. It's worse we're getting.
  5. Sharpattack

    Manager of the Month

    Has to be Koeman. He won every league game
  6. Sharpattack

    Prediction League

    When's that updated? I got last night's result right and haven't moved. Get your arses in gear.
  7. Sharpattack


    I've got a feeling we'll get one tomorrow. Whether we score it or not is a separate issue! Carragher has been getting away with it all season fouling people in the box and tomorrow is his comeuppance. We are owed one for last October anyway.
  8. Sharpattack

    Cahill's Goal

    He must carry that round in his kitbag. How many times has he scored the same goal?
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