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  1. Johnniepk

    Google nay take two v Burnley

    What are we supposed to do with this system re Monday night please? My phone google pay wallet still has a barcode but says its for v Southampton . Clicking the link again says " can only be downloaded once"
  2. Johnniepk

    Pele at Goodison

    A friend just sent me this. I had not seen it before. Thought it worthwhile posting. Made me think about the other greats who have played at Goodison
  3. Johnniepk

    Google pay

    Im struggling here. I downloaded the app. Google pay. Link says to download to wallet in Google pay . But i cant see where this is. I can add bus tickets, loyalty cards and gift cards . Im lost. Can anyone please help?
  4. Johnniepk

    The referee today Kavanagh

    As we are quick to slag them off, i am happy to say this bloke did well today. Got the big calls right. Should have booked Salah for diving mind and Mane off for same! Im off as letters becoming blurred!
  5. Johnniepk

    Where in the World?

    My lad sent me a great video of the mighty blues on tour. I dont know how to post the video. But i would love to know where this is?
  6. Johnniepk

    Norwich ticket

    I took a lifelong fan from Ireland to his first match v Norwich on 23rd November. As we used season ticket cards he doesnt have an actual ticket to keep as a souvenir. I was wondering if anyone can help? There is nothing on eBay. Thanks
  7. Johnniepk

    EiTC Africa 2020 fundraising request

    Short(ish) version: Earlier this year Everton in the Community took a team of volunteers to Nakuru in Kenya to undertake project work in a school in a deprived area. Next year they are returning to continue this excellent work. All the indvidual volunterrs have to raise their own funds for the...
  8. Johnniepk

    Premiership game, Sunday league game shouts

    I am becoming more and more aware that I am shouting out what I think is helpful advice to the team!. I don't recall doing it it the good old days of Ball, Kendall,Harvey or thinking I could help Dave Watson with my sage advice from the stands. Every match now I am crying out "one of yer!" "...
  9. Johnniepk

    Fans Forum voting

    i am up for membership of the Everton Fans Forum Please vote for me, that John Kenny bloke. i promise I will do a grand job for all us Evertonians! Please note there is no Cheese on Toast option. X...
  10. Johnniepk

    Everton banner

    Next week I turn 60. Mrs JPK has hired a room for a family do. I would love to hang an Everton banner in the room. Something like the best efc statements e.g. Once Everton has touched you. I am in Wallasey , would collect and retirn and ne eternally grateful. Can anyone lend me such? Thanks in...
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