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  1. UptheTofees

    More relevant in the next 2 years? Benitez or James

    So who will it be fellas? the recycled manager that keeps getting jobs because people keep getting fired or the injury prone player with terrible decision making
  2. UptheTofees

    2021/22 Yerry Mina

    Yerry Mina - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @UptheTofees
  3. UptheTofees

    I became an Evertorian today

    Today I took the full ride of being an Everton fan. Obviously I have supported and cared for the team since day 1. I connected with the team since day 1. But today, I felt what you lot always told me about. The excitement before the match The frustration not to see Mina seeing that he was...
  4. UptheTofees

    2020/21 Yerry Mina

    Yerry Mina - 2020/21 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: UpTheTofees
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