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  1. sw blue

    No in's, what is our best team?

    In the unlikely event of this transfer window completely going to pot and us signing no first team players, what is our starting 11, bench and formation for the forthcoming season? How would your Everton line up if you were Don Carlo? 4-3-3: GK - Pickford: If only to boost his value, but...
  2. sw blue

    Everton 'B' Team Thoughts? Lets be honest, the reserve league or whatever they have named it now is little more than an extension of the U18 league. There is such a gap between...
  3. sw blue

    Pienaar in the middle

    Recently their have been discussion on moving Baines into DCM position in the next few years(ala Lahm) and the current effectiveness of Pienaar and his strengths as a footballer. The general consensus was the Pienaar's best attributes were: - covering and supporting Baines - Energy and...
  4. sw blue

    Hibbo & Baxter absent...

    With injuries mounting in the US right now, it begs the question why certain player's were not taken to the states. Not so much the likes of Yobo & Yak, but Hibbert (Is he back for pre-season?) & Baxter (captained the u21s in Moscow & from the match report's was the creative hub for all things...
  5. sw blue

    Team versus Villa

    So in the last 48 hours we've heard the following; Saha - OUT - rest of the season?! Rodwell - OUT - 4 to 6 weeks Coleman - OUT - doubtful for Villa Duffy - OUT - emergency loan at Burnley Baxter - OUT - pulled a hamstring in reserve derby Add that to Arteta, Fellaini & the like this could...
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