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  1. evertony

    A club offers £3M for three of our players and you choose which three

    Hypothetical, but say some goons like Newcastle gave you £3M and you had to give them three first team squad players....which three would you ship out despite the financial loss incurred: I’d go: 1. Iwobi; 2. Gomes; 3. Kenny.
  2. evertony

    Duncan to join Elstone at Stockport County?

    Anybody heard the rumours about Duncan being shown around Edgeley Park and being under consideration to take the managers job at Stockport County? They have new owners and Robert Elstone joined recently as CEO....may be just a tentative link or maybe some truth in it.
  3. evertony

    Centre Forwards

    There’s a theme with all the current centre forwards in the squad which is quite telling, and which to my mind explains why we don’t score enough goals to progress from our regular 7th or 8th spot. All of them are big, bulky units with little pace or technical ability on the ball. I convince s...
  4. evertony

    Silva and Martinez

    There’s a lot of similarities between Marco Silva and Roberto Martinez....both live and breathe football, both like to play an attacking fluent style and in my humble opinion Silva is starting to get Everton in the same way that Roberto clearly did. I was a big Martinez fan, primarily because he...
  5. evertony

    Huge Job

    No, not what Michael Keane reminds me of.....but what Marco and Marcel have on their hands. It’s total rebuild that’s going to take time, probably two seasons minimum to get us even able to play attractive football and finish 6-8th. Will they get the time and can Goodison be patient? Did they...
  6. evertony

    Who faired best or was the best of the bunch

    Simple poll, with no real discussion needed .....quite simply a vote for one of four - a straight shoot out. Which of them was the best fit for Everton. It’s not a case of who do you want, but of the four named who did you prefer
  7. evertony

    Are you “one of the fifteen”

    Simple poll to see how accurate Allardyces estimate was if discounted fans. No discussion just a vote. #oneofthefifteen
  8. evertony

    Sum up Allardyce in no more than 5 words

    theres clearly massive discontent, and not without very good reason. I’ve read some belting descriptive of him. Describe him in 5 words. I’ll start us off with Gravy Guzzling Arrogant Hoofball Neanderthal (GGAHN).
  9. evertony

    Derby date

    Need some help quickly if anyone has any inside knowledge....will the Derby be moved from Saturday April 7th and if so when to? Got to do some work in HK and China leaving Sun likely is it it'll be moved to 8th? Thanks in advance
  10. evertony

    12Hr Snap Poll - Allardyce and Everton

    I know there’s other threads on our abomination of a season, our individual players, the Manager and the Board and I don’t want to cause duplication. However, having watched us since the early 70’s and been an STH for around 40 seasons I can honestly say I haven’t been so disillusioned with...
  11. evertony


    interested to know, with the benefit of hindsight, if you knew two seasons ago what you know now about the change of ownership, the appointments of Walsh, Koeman, Allardyce, Lee and Shakespeare would you have been prepared to give Roberto Martinez more time? Would an 11th place finish and two...
  12. evertony

    The Fab Four

    more like the Growing Influence of the Terrific Ten. Holgate, Kenny, Pickford, DCL, Davies, Baningame, Vlasic, Lookman and Dowell back in the Summer, plus Onyekuru. The potential in that young bunch is something else. Not the genuine article just yet but there's so much promise there. @Zatara...
  13. evertony

    Current Shennanigans

    Is it a perverse scam to generate material for Bill's next hit musical? It's taking shape. Scene 1, Arsenal board member buys controlling factor in EFC. Scene 2, Sexy Roberto's School of Science closes early for Summer term and a Dutch janitor arrives and announces "But OK.....its fooobal"...
  14. evertony

    Koemans downfall

    if writing a book on Koemans downfall, amongst other things the main chapter would be "A Tale of Three Strikers".....Lukaku, Niasse and Giroud. The ramifications of the various decisions and subsequent actions with or by those three has had and continues to have a massive influence on our...
  15. evertony

    The Untouchable Church Mouse

    Amongst many things this last few months with Everton it's been so noticeable how lacking we've been in leadership on the field. Only 12 months ago there was a view that the team was full of leaders.....well, where are they? The current captain is there purely by default - quite simply because...
  16. evertony

    Captain material

    Pip the Pointer. Then Jags and his Blunderboots. And now Captain Quiet. About time we had a real captain who can sort this bunch out in the pitch. The sooner Seamus is back the better.
  17. evertony

    Fantasy EFC Rebuild

    Considering we all want a significant rebuild, all love the transfer thread fumes and all reckon there's a bit of ITK in each of us, how about somebody smarter than me builds a Fantasy EFC Rebuild competition. Maybe you each pick 6 players you think will leave, or who you want to leave, 6...
  18. evertony

    The Everton Project

    which individual or pair are going to be the most influential in returning Everton to the top table, and why? Is football, money, mentality or goals the main factor in success?
  19. evertony

    Gary Speed PL World

    Tonight 10.15pm on Sky Sports 1...Premier League World: Gary Speed.
  20. evertony

    And Tonight Matthew.....

    I'm going to be.........(drum roll......dry ice.....lights down.....curtains open).....Marcus Bent. Enner Valencia that. A fitting tribute to a fine Goodison full debut.
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