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  1. APN_EFC

    Talking about our Tactics

    Hi everyone Can you direct me to thread, (or can we make one?) that is more objective and less personal, and more about tactics, strategy and really football stuff. I would love to have conversations about how players are running, passing, defending, attacking, about shape, strategy and tactics...
  2. APN_EFC

    Reasons to be cheerful: can we start enjoying this?

    Hi everyone I know it's easier to be grumpy and pessimistic, and, for instance, to expect that we won't make any signings apart from Lingard, Luiz and Jermaine Defoe (!), that Antony Gordon and Holgate will move to Man City and Chelsea, expect that Carlo and Richy will be gone this time next...
  3. APN_EFC

    We can lead the way in fighting racism

    Born, brought up, and still in Liverpool, I'm the son of Indian parents who moved over in the 70s to the city. At the time, our parents' generation experienced some difficult times with prejudice, patronising behaviour but mainly amazing warmth, kindness and openness - some of the things that...
  4. APN_EFC

    Transfer Rumour Aaron Ramsey

    Let me start a rumour I want to come true. It's not unrealistic, with the type of players we've been attracting recently, and I can't see any room for him in the other top6, so , welcome to Everton! I don't think our system, or even any modern midfielder can be exclusively holding or...
  5. APN_EFC

    A blueprint: Think small to think big (and why not Graham Potter & Ostersunds FK?)

    A lot of people agree that we have to not only replace our manager, coaching staff and at least 1/3 of the players, but also revamp the culture, 'identity', business and development of the club. We seem to have lost our style, and have a romantic idea of 'the School of Science' or 'Nil Satis...
  6. APN_EFC

    Highlights (good times) in the last 5 seasons

    I am sick and depressed being a blue at the moment - sorry - but I was just thinking of some good highlights of the last 5 years when it was actually fun being a blue. Seems like such a long time since the solid Moyes era ended and then this sudden upturn with Martinez. Still, just for fun...
  7. APN_EFC

    Theo Walcott’s move spells trouble for Lookman and Vlasic

    I was going to post something just like this as I’m worried about these 2 talents Sorry if you are you already discussing this in other pages? Been off here for a while Happy with having great squad depth but I hope that we are thinking of the top 3 attacking places being filled by a...
  8. APN_EFC

    Beni Baningime

    I love the guy's answer to what his hopes are for what he wants to achieve at Everton! '...hopefully I can become a legend here...' Love it!
  9. APN_EFC

    Edinson Cavani

    This rumour is almost as funny as the time when we thought we were getting Mourinho as manager, and then would also get Mata, keep Lukaku, get Hart, get Costa on loan, build a new stadium and bring Rooney back h...oh wait. We're clearly not doing a Man City or Chelsea and suddenly getting into...
  10. APN_EFC

    Brilliant young players - what does the future look like?

    One striking thing about our transfer policy, and the success of the academy is the number of seemingly great young players. We all know about the 5 lads who won the world cup, and Pickford & Holgate, as well as the track record of Barkley in the different age groups. How far do you think our...
  11. APN_EFC

    Transfer Rumour Olivier Giroud

    Olivier Giroud
  12. APN_EFC

    The Football Manager Fantasy world

    Has anyone taken Everton really far on Football Manager mobile and got great ideas for bargain buys, developing players, and flops? Any great ideas we could fantasize about that will never actually happen in reality?
  13. APN_EFC

    The 4-2-3-1 is a boring formation in disguise...

    This formation is made to look like an attacking one, with a front 4, but in reality, only teams like the current Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal actually use it that way, and most of the rest of us are playing a conservative 4-5-1 in disguise. This is especially true when there's no genuine...
  14. APN_EFC

    Sly way to track transfers at work

    What's the best way to track the transfers without having to open a browser or twitter or something? Any good ideas ?
  15. APN_EFC

    Story so far 16/17

    How about every so often until you get bored a little summary of the season so far ? (Before you pounce on me its just for laughs like) 1 Ron Watch 2 Top Players 3 Top Flops 4 One liner Ron Watch: Great interviews. Says "OK" 100 times a minute. Clear strategy and seems tough Top players...
  16. APN_EFC

    So are Ossie, Hibbo and Pienaar just gone?

    I know we discussed this before, but it still bothers me how when we were in limbo with no manager, Gibson signed, and three long-serving really popular players just went with a lame twitter announcement, or no announcement at all. Bad leadership again?
  17. APN_EFC

    Team formation

    Seems like 4-2-3-1 is still trendy, but is I think a safe formation for managers, making them look dynamic but actually play safe.what formation would you play, especially to get the best out of not only the popular favourites Barkley,Stones, Geri and Lukaku, but 3 ppl I think are equally...
  18. APN_EFC

    Was it all that bad? Top 5 changes worth retaining from Roberto's years

    There are a few things about Martinez' three years which were undeniably good, don't you think? Of course it was time for change, but here are my top 5 good ideas I hope we don't lose. 1) Fearlessness against top teams. Apart from against Liverpool, we conquered the fear of big teams, and had...
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