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  1. mccole

    Everton January Transfer Window 2021

  2. mccole

    How Benitez could work

    If Rafael Benitez is announced as Everton manager soon rightly or wrongly as supporters we will get behind Everton. I am not a fan of Benitez on a personal level but I feel my view is shared with a large percentage of our fans but I believe he will want to WIN games and be successful because he...
  3. mccole

    Welcome Rafael

  4. mccole

    Walsh v Brands

    Create two XI using only Steve "PE Teacher" Walsh or Marcel "Mr Loverman" Brands signings. Both teams must be in the same formation and bought under the same Director of Football.
  5. mccole

    Monday 23rd December 2019

    Despite a very indifferent season of results and failure at both board and pitch level, Monday 23rd December 2019 will be the most important date for a generation of Evertonians. From 10am, we will be announcing in a official press conference variety, one of the greatest living coaches in World...
  6. mccole

    Unsworth Returns

    Would Unsworth work better under this current squad of players? Defeat against Sheff Wed and heavy defeat to City would that be Marco out just like Ronald. No Europa in the way just league games of: Burnley A West Ham H Brighton A Winable games for a new manager. Also Brands has been working...
  7. mccole

    Next Everton Manager 2019

    SO I started the last next manager in October 2017 so let's get back on the bandwagon GENTS and GALS
  8. mccole

    Everton Preseason 2018

    Just been announced that the winners of the 2nd SportPesa Cup, which has 8 teams from Kenya and Tanzania, will play Everton at Goodison. Tournament starts 3rd June but no date of when they will come to Goodison. Any other Preseason games announced?
  9. mccole

    The FIRST nail in the coffin

    “Maybe I have a bit of responsibility by playing too much attacking-minded players and not as many defending-minded players. Maybe we need to be more boring” Sam Allardyce 13th January NO shots on target - 3rd game since taking over 30/11/2017 8 goals for, 10 against 5 Games without a win 7...
  10. mccole

    The Defence Rests

    The idea or notion that wing-backs gallop up and down the flanks with neat 1-2’s then float balls onto the path of our attacking front is GONE! Our lack of striker (Boo Hoo) who can’t hold the ball up so our defence is struggling is the worst excuse we can use. We need to readjustment to the...
  11. mccole


    All the Moshiri hate but he has done for this club then Blue Bill. Result on the pitch have been woeful but he has provided money for said players to be better then what we are seeing. Where is Bill? Not heard from him but yet the man who has lead 3 failed stadium moves, backed no manager...
  12. mccole

    Next Everton Manager

    Let's jump on the Bandwagon GENTS and GALS
  13. mccole

    League v Cups

    Looking forward from a great season with a positive outlook on our squad size and youth, I am looking forward to a great difficult 2nd Season for Roberto. Without FM or FIFA fantasies, I would love to see our squad put to better use in the cups and especially in the Europa looking at Dortmund...
  14. mccole

    Gambled On Red

    Too Much Change and Not enough Charge! A huge combination of Bad Luck, too much risk and lack of passion was our downfall. 10 out of 10's Howard at the start of the night was getting some warm up practice then came the corner. I have never seen why a keeper doesn't come for a ball within...
  15. mccole

    Times They Are A Changing

    Without sounding too knee-jerking, it is clear we need to have a fresh approach to our play. Moyes has been for 10 years simply excellent but we still can't get that WIN which separates us from overachievers. Moyes' 4-5-1 has been copied around the Prem that we simply aren't fresh...
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