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    New season- Hopes, ambitions and predictions

    Just something to be proud of, a trophy, a good finish in the league and a good Europe finish, quarters or higher maybe. We really need to do the business in the transfer window and then do the business over the r/s. All said and done id take carling cup and 5th.
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY!

    Also up for saints ticket, 20th December I think.
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    SIlverware - How important is it to you?

    95 is like a distant memory, like your first car, or your first 20p under the pillow. I've had years of hurt and heart ache at the hands of Everton FC. But do I love the club any less? No, if anything I love it more and more! Sure we have not had the walk up the steps for a while but I still...
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    Would you pay £24m for Lukaku?

    Absolutely, we need a top class forward and he's certainly that. 24 mil, sounds a lot but he's young and like a previous post said make it very long contract with a massive buy out. None of this money going back to Chelsea though!
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