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  1. Ray Purchase

    We're Forever Everton That!

    If the RS were actually based somewhere else in Lancashire, things could be borne. Having to share a city with these scumbags is just increasingly unbearable. Expecting new mural celebrating today's win to crop up somewhere :rant: in town soon.
  2. Ray Purchase


    It looks like Norwich City, and 2 others. We will probably be stuck mid-table at the end of the season. Derby victories, and a decent FA cup run are all we can look forward to now. :(
  3. Ray Purchase

    2021/22 Cenk Tosun

    We will let him go on a free to Norwich City in the next TW. ;) January 19th at Carrow Road, he bags a Harry Catterick. :rant:
  4. Ray Purchase

    Farhad Moshirì

    New chairman (person) enters the boardroom.
  5. Ray Purchase

    Should we change our motto to English?

    New Badge.
  6. Ray Purchase

    Farhad Moshirì

    Just waiting for them to discover Jimmy Hoffa's body during the BMD infill. ;)
  7. Ray Purchase

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    Passion, application, character, and resilience. All attributes, that continue to be beyond this current crop of overpaid dossers.
  8. Ray Purchase

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    A sleepless night awaits at the Caldy mansion.
  9. Ray Purchase

    Match Thread Everton v Watford - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Thank god we are not playing Norwich City next.
  10. Ray Purchase

    2021/22 Salomón Rondón

  11. Ray Purchase

    Old Everton Pictures

    Apologies if posted before. Happy memories!
  12. Ray Purchase

    Match Thread Everton v Watford - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Saturday 3-00pm!!! Dixon of Dock Green back on the TV next?
  13. Ray Purchase

    Season ticket price increases

    Threepenny bit?
  14. Ray Purchase

    New Rondon Song

  15. Ray Purchase

    The goodison experience

    Copious amounts of alcohol, pre match. Copious amounts of alcohol, post game.
  16. Ray Purchase

    2021/22 Abdoulaye Doucouré

    His injury just sums us up, I'm afraid. 2 steps forward, one step back.
  17. Ray Purchase

    Marcel Brands

    Here is the new stadium plan that Marcel proposed.
  18. Ray Purchase

    Marcel Brands

    His recent contract extension epitomises our club. Failure is not only tolerated, but generously rewarded.
  19. Ray Purchase

    2021/22 Rafael Benitez

    He's inherited a poisoned chalice. We need to give him time.
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