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  1. LarryLimeStreet

    Blues travelling to Goodison from Cambridgeshire

    Is there anyone on here from Cambridgeshire who is going to be travelling to Goodison for the Stoke game on boxing day? I'm wanting to go but working right up until christmas night. I don't drive and the trains are off on that day so I'm struggling for a lift home. If anyone is planning on...
  2. LarryLimeStreet

    Favour from anyone on a PC

    I have bought a season ticket for next season and I'm trying to view my seat online. I only have an ipad and iPhone, and these aren't compatible by the looks of things. Would anyone on a PC be willing to help me out and print screen my seat and send it to me on here? I can't get down the...
  3. LarryLimeStreet


    I'm stuck in work and was streaming radio city. Listened to all the pre match build up, the teams came out of the tunnel, and now the stream has started playing music?! Do radio city not stream football commentary online? If not, can anyone please give me a link to listen to commentary????
  4. LarryLimeStreet

    Home end this Saturday

    Is anyone in the Arsenal end for Saturday? I've managed to get a ticket in the upper tier just above our end through a friend who supports Arsenal, just wondering if I'm going to be celebrating alone when Romelu bags a 93rd minute winner :celebrate:
  5. LarryLimeStreet

    Defending Set Pieces

    First, apologies if this a repost, I have been looking for topics relating to this but couldn't see any. But defending set pieces seems to be a bit problem we are having this season. So many big games we have either switched off or simply not known how to deal with them. Games apart from...
  6. LarryLimeStreet

    Newcastle away

    With the game against Newcastle originally scheduled for the same weekend we will now be playing Arsenal, is this likely to be changed to the following Tuesday/Wednesday? Unfortunately I need to book time off well in advance in work to get to the game
  7. LarryLimeStreet

    "Hardcore" Blues

    More and more people seem to be advertising how much better they are than other blues on facebook/twitter. Why do they feel the need to prove how much they support a club? Burns my head right out. Whats wrong with just going the game and supporting the team? It's seems to be the "in" thing to be...
  8. LarryLimeStreet

    Pre Season Tours?

    Early I know, but has anyone heard of any pre-season tours planned for the summer?
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