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  1. royalblue66

    F A Cup draw tonight

    Nice home draw would be nice.
  2. royalblue66

    The Great Alan Ball.

    Would have been 73 today,RIP still miss you.
  3. royalblue66

    Golden Vision

    One year today since we lost one of our greatest players, RIP.
  4. royalblue66

    Price Freeze

    Nce to see that there is no increase on the price f Season Tickets for next Sason, well done Farhad.
  5. royalblue66

    Ian Marshall

    Guest at Goodison soon, anyone remember him ?
  6. royalblue66


    Heard Denis is playing for the new popes' fav team,come on Denis see if he will put a word in
  7. royalblue66


    What happened to tony Hibbert ? Are we likely to see him play again this season ?
  8. royalblue66


    After Fellini spat his dummy out,does anyone think moyes has lost the dressing room ?
  9. royalblue66

    Charity shield

    Does anyone out there remember the charity shield August 63 EVERTON the CHAMPIONS v Man it'd At Goodison Park ? Am I right in thinking we had a pen and Royston scored,the ref made him retake it cos Gaskell the Man U keeper had moved,he then scored,again he had to retake it cos Noel Cantwell...
  10. royalblue66


    Just seen an article where Kevin was described as the urban fox, love it Go along with that !!!
  11. royalblue66


    How good is gibbo ? i m o the jury is still out, but we will sure find out in the next few weeks.
  12. royalblue66

    un cle bill's moggie

    What'shappened to junior ? thought he would have made a show against the orient.
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