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  1. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Parking for QPR?

    Any good suggestions for parking at the QPR game? I don't mind a bit of a walk to the ground (30-45 minutes) if I can park for cheap or free (I'm very stingy) Ta lars
  2. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    2021/22 Joao Virginia

    Joao Virginia - 2021/22 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Mikey_Fitzgerald
  3. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Ticket Update - Leeds United Tickets On Sale From 16/08/2021 Just in case anyone didn't know ;)
  4. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    I don't think the players are even bothered

    Probably didn't need another thread amongst the many others, but I'm a bad mood and fancied a vent They both bottled the run-in and then downed tools on the last day Not only do they not care, I sometimes think they actively dislike us (I'm generalising of course)
  5. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Ellis Simms stepping up in place of Kean?

    What do we think Blues? If Kean is off then we either need to sign a new attacker or promote from within How would you feel about Simms getting the gig?
  6. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    2020/21 Joao Virginia

    Joao Virginia - 2020/21 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Mikey_Fitzgerald
  7. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    2020/21 Jonas Lossl

    Jonas Lossl - 2020/21 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Mikey_Fitzgerald
  8. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Antonee Robinson

    Let's give this a thread, it's still getting covered in the media What do we think Blues? Any smoke to this fire? Would you like to have him back?
  9. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Throw Everything At The League Cup Next Season

    Next season with the top 7 getting excluded from it, the League Cup has to be a priority for me It’s presents the best chance we’ve had in breaking our trophy drought and it can finally teach our squad what it means to win If it’s not beneath clubs like City and United to win it in recent...
  10. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Everton one of the top 100 companies to work for

    I look forward to the usual “this is why we never win anything” shouts because we’re “too nice” “Yeah, if only we paid the tea ladies starvation wages, that’d get us into Europe!”
  11. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Would just releasing a player from their contract have an effect on FFP?

    Just wondering this Say we just can't for the life of us sell some of these players. If we just release them from their contracts, does that then free us up some wage space when it comes to the FFP regulations, or do the players actually need to be sold?
  12. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    2010's Everton Team of the Decade

    O'Keefe and Boyland over on The Athletic have put together their Everton team of the 2010's Goalkeeper - Tim Howard Right Back: Seamus Coleman Centre Back - Sylvain Distin Centre Back - Phil Jagielka Left Back - Leighton Baines Right Midfield - Mikel Arteta Centre Mid - Gana Centre Mid -...
  13. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Welcome Home Jogi Loew

    It's time
  14. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Can we please give 4-4-2 a go?

    Obviously this won't be a popular sentiment with some, but I think we need a "back to basics" approach Play Dom and Moise up top with two wingers and two center mids behind Can it really be worse at this stage? Play one of the strikers a bit deeper if you want to be more hipster about it
  15. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    So who had lack of depth in central midfield being one of our biggest issues in their pre-season evaluation?

    Because I certainly didn't I was much more worried about what would happen at center back, but injuries to Delph and Gbamin, the suspension of Schneiderlin and the sales of Williams and McCarthy, and the loaning of Beni and Besic have highlighted the fact that we're pretty gosh darn thin in the...
  16. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    2019/20 Jonas Lossl

    Jonas Lossl - 2019/20 Player Performance Thread Thread Sponsor: @Mikey_Fitzgerald
  17. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Everton's Under 21's In The EFL Trophy

    I know we already have a Youth Team thread, but I thought I'd give this one it's own specific thread, especially as it'll be starting soon (Cheers to @Groucho for authorising it) We've drawn Mansfield, Crewe and Burton in our group Currently they've announced that we'll be; Away to Mansfield...
  18. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Matthew Pennington off to Stoke?

    Sorry Mods his current thread isn't open for replies so feel free to merge Not sure if this will be loan or perm
  19. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Premier League Finances (Everton 7th in basically everything) Interestingly, Liverpool spend more on wages than Man City do
  20. Mikey_Fitzgerald

    Do we need a new penalty taker?

    Gylfi played well today but he's missed 50% of his penalties this season Should the gig go to someone else? If so, who would you give it to?
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