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  1. JobForTheMoyes

    Up For The Cup?

    Given how we look the best we have in years, should we prioritise the League Cup? It is our best chance of silverware, and would be a milestone to kick on from.
  2. JobForTheMoyes

    Messi (Transfer Rumour)

    With all credit to Houghty19 for the lovely photograph. Welcome to your new home Lionel!
  3. JobForTheMoyes

    Tommy Gravesen

    One of my all-time favourite players, but he seemed to leave far too early. He was ruined in Madrid, who tried to turn an all-action midfielder into a defensive destroyer. How do you guys think he would have fared had he stayed, and could he have helped lift us to greater heights? His attitude...
  4. JobForTheMoyes

    Cunning Plan

    Since so many of Brands managerial picks seem just like Silva... ... why not just save a few bob and rehire Marco Silva?!?
  5. JobForTheMoyes

    A Moyesian Christmas

    Say Davie does get the job, what do you think the odds are they will have time to change the official club Christmas cards? And what sort of design do you think they will go with? Perhaps a nativity scene with David, Alan Irvine and Tim Cahill as the Three Wise Men?
  6. JobForTheMoyes

    Any chance of a....

    West Ham thread so we can laugh at our forthcoming visitors, and their ridiculously small chance of victory?
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