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  1. HeadieTwo

    Am i the only one whos happy because ancelotti left?

    seems like i am the only one. strange
  2. HeadieTwo

    Your everton reporter HeadieTwo reported the Moise Kean transfer a week ago

    wheres the people laughed at me ????
  3. HeadieTwo

    Éverton Soares

    i heard its a done deal. welcome to everton, everton
  4. HeadieTwo

    A question to the most of the fans; Do you really think bringing a new manager would solve our problems?

    the question is clear, if you think like this can you state below why? the squad we have is not good they are average at best and they are not giving enough effort. rome wasnt built in a day processes like this takes time in this window we got 2 quality players digne and richarlison after one...
  5. HeadieTwo

    Galatasaray offers 7 million euro for Everton player Onyekuru

    source :
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