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  1. Lee Smith

    New In-House Ticket Re-Sale Platform (no more StubHub!)

    EVERTON TO LAUNCH NEW TICKET RESALE PLATFORM Everton Season Ticket Members will be able to resell tickets for games they cannot attend during the 2021/22 season when the Club launches its own ticket resale platform next month. The facility has been created to assist Season Ticket Members if...
  2. Lee Smith

    Everton Mishmash Jigsaw Completion Club

    A thread where people can display photos of their glorious completed Everton MishMash jigsaw... Mine was completed with the help of my 10 year old son. Had great fun doing it with him, trying my best to explain all of the different scenes to him as we went. Made a nice change to him being sat...
  3. Lee Smith

    2017/2018 Match Ticket Prices

    Looks like the club have kept home match ticket prices for Cat A and Cat B games the same as last season, but there is no longer a Cat C, so all games that would previously have been a Cat C game, are now B. Keeps things simpler I guess, but in all likelihood there are going to be very few...
  4. Lee Smith

    Twenty's Plenty - West Ham away

    Just a quick reminder to those who had to endure last week's dross away at West Ham. If you still have your ticket you can claim back £10 from Virgin as part of their Twenty's Plenty campaign Almost forgot about it and just sent my form off so...
  5. Lee Smith

    Possible League Finishes

    Just found this interesting website... The league title is still on :dance: But we're still not mathematically safe :rant:
  6. Lee Smith

    Semi Final Centre Halves?

    With Mori now suspended, Jagielka likely injured and Stones a possible doubt, who exactly could we have as a centre half pairing on Saturday? What are the options, and if the worst come to the worse (which I've come to expect this season), and all 3 of the above are unavailable, who would you go...
  7. Lee Smith

    Transport from Wirral to Manchester - Dec 4th

    Hi all Does anybody know of any coaches that will be running from the Wirral (specifically passing the Bromborough area off the A41!) to Manchester, for our evening game on Weds 4th December at United? I usually travel to matches from East Anglia, but I will be staying on the Wirral that week...
  8. Lee Smith

    New East Anglian Supporters Group

    To all Blues who are based in the East Anglian region A new group has just been created on Facebook called 'East Anglian Blues' (see link)!/groups/533023653380729/ The main reason for setting up this group is to allow East Anglia based Blues to be able to...
  9. Lee Smith

    QPR Ticket Allocation

    Does anybody know what the likely ticket allocation will be for this season's visit to Loftus Road? Last season we had the reduced allocation of 1700 tickets as Everton declined the full 3000 allocation as they were not prepared to buy them as they would not have been on sale or return, which...
  10. Lee Smith

    Everton 'Loyalty' Scheme ?

    Hi Guys I'm trying to get to the bottom of ticketing priorities for Home / Away games for this season, but after reading the OS and other forums am getting myself confused! Does anybody know if Everton are still using the 'Loyalty' scheme when it comes to where you stand in the queue for your...
  11. Lee Smith

    Away Pub For Norwich Game

    Hi Guys, any ideas which pubs the Blues will be taking over on Saturday at Norwich? I'm a Norfolk Blue (don't worry, my 6th finger was removed at birth) and will be making the short trip across from Great Yarmouth in the morning, and am just wondering where to head to join up with the Away...
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