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    Aston Villa (H)

    Hey guys, just had the exciting moment of buying my first Everton home ticket, travelling over from Australia and was wondering which pubs are usually frequented by Evertonians before and after the game? Cheers
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    Everton 2011-12 Review

    Hi guys, I posted a thread a while ago about a uni project I had to do which was making a review of Everton's season, for anyone interested, I can't post links, but if you go to soundcloud and search EFCBarbour, it's the only thing that comes up. A few of the facts are wrong because I rushed...
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    Everton 2011-12

    Hi guys, long term reader of your thoughts and comments but only the second time I've ever written in here. To give a little detail about my involvement with Everton, I live in Sydney but have supported the Toffees since seeing Duncan Ferguson play against United in the early noughties. I also...
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    Jordan Rhodes

    Hey All, haven't really posted on this before but i've read through some of the topics over the last couple months. Wanted to raise the idea of Jordan Rhodes from Huddersfield, a mate of mine gave me a hint that Moyes was sending a scout to look at him, the kids been scoring goals for fun in...
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