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  1. wba83

    Found Season ticket

    Found a season ticket on the way home from the match today on the off chance whoever lost it comes on to GOT message me were you sit in ground and name if not I will hand it into Goodison ASAP
  2. wba83


    For those that we there that season how good was this team never really hear much about them considering another 3 points and they would of been champions( derby county won it ) and gone down in history with 1970 and 1985 /87 league winners .shamefully I don't much about the players TBH apart...
  3. wba83

    Derek Mountfield Appreciation Thread

    Gave us some amazing memory's big degsy played a big part in our 80s team met him once came across as a very humble man who loved playing for us .just interested in others fans memory's and thoughts on him
  4. wba83

    U18s derby

    anyone know if you can go to finch farm to watch this ?
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