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    Dundalk v Everton friendly in the new year.

    Looks like we will have a friendly in the new year at Dundalk. I would imagine it's the U21's travelling over, like the Sligo friendly a few years ago.
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    Everton Jerseys now available in Ireland

    FAI shop selling them online, and Elverys and Lifestyle Sports selling them in store in the next week or so according to The Irish Toffees FB page. Small selection but with 4 players in the squad Irish internationals its a start I suppose.
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    Lille Though

    Just arrived home, and I'm too drunk/wired to search for appropriate thread. My 5 for Lille, Being amazed by our support Meeting Greg O'Keefe and finding him to be a really nice fella, albeit like a midget James Bellamy,he gets bad press on here , and wishes he could be the bearer of good...
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