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  1. Dixieslaces

    Farhad Moshirì

    Have you come round on RB then @matty1878 ?
  2. Dixieslaces

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    I'm a bit of a twitter a phobe, lol. I only went on there for Everton and Elvis stuff and it's a very weird place. Not like GOT, lol
  3. Dixieslaces

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    He blocked me on twitter during my twitter days, because, and I quote, I asked him for proof, politely, on one of his stadium funding posts. I un-followed him shortly after as I was a bit surprised at his "blocking" ! I see him quoted a lot in various threads and in here but as far as pessimism...
  4. Dixieslaces

    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    Well this is going well!
  5. Dixieslaces

    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    To be honest their customer service was very good, so defo worth a try bearing in mind the situation, Number i used was 01616767770. the message is a bit weird but if you get past the 1st bit and then do a option callback request they did so within about an hour and all sorted within a few mns...
  6. Dixieslaces

    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    I rang em yesterday, to do this, they were excellent, got ticket changed and they gave me a tenner refund on one of the tickets.
  7. Dixieslaces

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    truly terrifying line up
  8. Dixieslaces

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    To be fair, he was havin a shocker
  9. Dixieslaces

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    I do moan about it, as i see it from all perspectives, it and masks and distancing and all the measures that were put in place have caused so much division it is ridiculous. I will not live my life in fear because i cant have it but i will also not be dictated to that I cannot attend a football...
  10. Dixieslaces

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    Wow. I think there are some ideologies that have pretty much the same principle........ Yet here we are still thinking that, this type of thinking is OK! Brilliant, top of the class that man. * for the record, Delph is a prime knob for his stance but at the same time, absolutely no-one...
  11. Dixieslaces

    2020/21 Fabian Delph Not entirely factually correct! But possibly still worth the risk. For those that can.
  12. Dixieslaces

    The Kit Thread - Season 2021/22

    Like it but its a bit Leedsy!!!
  13. Dixieslaces

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    Its there to keep the Big 6 happy and the rest of the pack trailing in their wake, its totally unfair the way its set up. In what other industry would the top performers(enabled by the governing bodies) not allow their competitors to invest and compete on a level playing feld.
  14. Dixieslaces

    Old Everton Pictures

    Both taking the knee too lol
  15. Dixieslaces

    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    The clue here is Forum! A place to share opinion, whether you agree or not is irrelevant. He is Fat, #metoo, so the truth hurts get over it. FSW, Shouldn't be here, period. For clarity, that's MY opinion! Not everyone's admittedly, but meh!
  16. Dixieslaces

    Worst Individual Performances at Goodison

    I still shudder at Terry Curran after the loan spell. 1st appearance IIRC, He came off the bench, ran from one side of the pitch to the other and kicked the ball out of play/lost possession. "Shudders"
  17. Dixieslaces

    man utd tickets

    I've got 2 for me and my lad, he's never been to Old Trafford bought under my MUFC registered account but wouldn't let me add his name to the ticket so will have to ring their Box office to see what to do, especially if they need photo ID and it has my name in both?? Not sure how helpful...
  18. Dixieslaces

    2020/21 Fabian Delph

  19. Dixieslaces

    Confirmed Signing Demarai Gray

    Breaks your heart.
  20. Dixieslaces

    Everton in pre-season

    Anyone going UTD? are we getting tickets or do I have to register as a UTD fan!!
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