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  1. Houghty19

    The Argument Against Benitez

    1. Took a decision to manage in China the place where careers go to end. 2. Called us a small club, while managing our loveable red neighbours. 3. He'd be taking the job because its convenient. 4. We'd be offering him the job just because its convenient. 5. At Newcastle he has been out performed...
  2. Houghty19

    New collective name for ex European Super League members

    Sorry long title but I've noticed on a few threads that the devils spawn six are still being referred to as the Sky six or super 6 or other variations of these. I would like to propose a general request for new collective names for the six of them, mine as I've said earlier is "The devils spawn...
  3. Houghty19

    Naming rights for Goodison

    Simple question, but giving our need to improve our financial position on FFP, what are everybodies thoughts on selling the next 3/4 years of naming rights for Goodison?
  4. Houghty19

    Next seasons position

    Simple question given the changes happening at the club where do we sensibly think we could finish (sensibly) and where would you be happy finishing. Personally I think with the right additions we can get top 6 but I would be happy with 8th again if we were starting to play attractive football...
  5. Houghty19

    Kevin sheedy

    Apparently left his coaching role. Not happy with this unless he made the decision.
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