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  1. wba83

    The Kanchelskis transfer

    Luckily enough to meet him at one of those ex player nights couple of years ago we must have made an impression on him as his son supports us to this day
  2. wba83

    2020/21 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Could come good this lad remember Peter Reid and Andy gray came back from serious injuries not saying that he will be anywhere as good but let’s see fingers crossed
  3. wba83

    When Skies are Grey

    Brilliant early on loads of great funny stories in there no idea we’re all of mine are now. My memory might be playing tricks but am sure a fella called Stan who was a youth team player in the 70s would send in some belter stories
  4. wba83

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Made up for the lad he done really well should be proud of him And no suprise that the haters are all quiet you just know If the lad had done something wrong they would be all over this thread.So well in Jordan
  5. wba83

    Everton in pre-season

    Wondering if they were Accrington main defenders or trailists some shocking defending there 100% donkeys but yes nice finish
  6. wba83

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Listen am not trying to make out am a super a blue and your not but say to a 100 blues Nevs save at Spurs and a 100 well 99 now will smile back at you and tell you there story either I was there or I had it on the radio. It basically killed Spurs challenge that season and made us champions...
  7. wba83

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Good luck Jordan lad hopefully you join our legend ray Wilson as a winner
  8. wba83

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Do you ever wonder to yourself why the Alehouse bookies work canteen slowing empties when you walk in . give it rest FFS
  9. wba83

    2020/21 James Rodriguez

    No mate surely not here’s the balls view of iwobi
  10. wba83

    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    Let’s hope so mate he wins we all win
  11. wba83

    New Everton Manager

    niggling away in back of my mind something telling me Rafael is smoke screen for Duncan to named as manager.SO when Duncan is appointed the majority of our fan base will be relived it’s not Rafael .Or maybe am getting old and very untrustworthy of certain members of our board
  12. wba83

    New Everton Manager

    That man would of run threw that wall for Everton mate top top man
  13. wba83

    New Everton Manager

    99% sure that above is tongue in cheek
  14. wba83

    New Everton Manager

    I just hope the new manager doesn’t go down the road of everyone starts with a clean slate . No they dont new manager iwobi Gomez Delphi and sigurdsson are Barry white please get rid
  15. wba83

    21/22 Pre season

    Your never gonna forget that away trip mate .FFS you only went for a piss what a pair of [email protected]@@s
  16. wba83

    Old Everton Pictures

    You got to show it never hurt as well that’s the hard part . That’s class that you played against him . Apparently he runs or owns a cafe on Southport prom I took me dad up there to have a cuppa and get photo of them both before lockdown but he was not there that day maybe it for the best he...
  17. wba83

    21/22 Pre season

    That’s brilliant that mate love hearing stuff like that . Never seen that program before either hats off to Nikom one of the boys
  18. wba83

    Old Everton Pictures

    My arl man loved this fella says he up there with Bally and Alex young
  19. wba83

    21/22 Pre season

    That dukla Prague away leg in the late 70s would of been some trip .Anyone on here go or know anyone who did or were we even allowed any fans to go
  20. wba83

    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    We lost at home from September to Christmas 1983 season to Norwich Luton and West Ham and drew with Birmingham West Brom Sunderland and we kept faith with Howard look we’re that took us , I know the football were playing is terrible to watch lately but let Carlo build his own team and see were...
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