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  1. Leylo

    Florida Cup 2021

    Well done lads giving the link
  2. Leylo

    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    Looked like he.was well overweight last season, couldn't really tell there
  3. Leylo

    2020/21 Bernard

    Good little player but not for the Premier league, good luck to him when he leaves for munchkin land.
  4. Leylo

    New Everton Stadium Discussion

    We will always gonna get the blame ,especially by the red half of the city, personally its the buildings by the liver buildings that are awful and the car park ffs, would of happened anyway. At least the stadium is being built in conjunction of the surroundings not like some monstrosities off...
  5. Leylo

    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    If we don't make some big signings he's defo here because he falls out of bed and he's in work end of
  6. Leylo

    Everton Summer transfers 2021

    When arsenal built a new stadium they went stagnant, my worries are we might go down the same road ,but they were in a better position with players they had and soforth, if we did that trap door lurks with some of the squad we have, hopefully this is not the case ,especially if is mate is...
  7. Leylo

    Goats squad analysis thread 2021/22

    Next signing should be a bloke with a machine gun
  8. Leylo

    2020/21 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    Can see it catching on ,all the lads in the brick wearing them before the game. Be full of beak like lol :hayee:
  9. Leylo

    Confirmed Signing Demarai Gray

    Haven't we got enough dead wood ffs,
  10. Leylo

    2020/21 Bernard

    Very skillful player nice player in small pockets, but that's the problem for us small ,lumpers in the league out muscle him which is a shame. Got to say tho I'm 5/8 great call him the little fella lol
  11. Leylo

    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    Look after our own well done Jordan, your team mates blew it ,chin them lad
  12. Leylo

    2020/21 Ben Godfrey

    Be in the England team next time around
  13. Leylo

    Jimmy Gabriel RIP

    RIP Jimmy, .true gent
  14. Leylo

    Full Capacity Stadiums set to be allowed in England for new season

    I respect everyone's opinions on this and peoples circumstances, as for myself I've had a horrific 18 months ,the only thing I would say if we don't put our trust in these vaccines ,we're finished no answers no way out , very sad indeed
  15. Leylo

    Full Capacity Stadiums set to be allowed in England for new season

    Take it your staying in then:coffee:
  16. Leylo

    Full Capacity Stadiums set to be allowed in England for new season

    So never go out and do anything again ffs. When the normal flu arrives stay in as well ,goes on and on. Peoples mental also left on their own for months ,got to put trust in the vaccine it's the only answer
  17. Leylo

    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    @Kev The Rat , your middle fingers gonna fall off lol
  18. Leylo

    Everton are the opposite club

    Did the same come up 2 weeks lol lol
  19. Leylo

    Congratulations, you have unlocked Cult Hero Status

    Why weren't you a evertonian when you were born just asking like
  20. Leylo

    2020/21 Jean-Philippe Gbamin

    Is he injured yet
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