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  1. Sassy Colombian

    Full Capacity Stadiums set to be allowed in England for new season

    Now that England is set to ease Covid restrictions, Prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that full capacity stadiums will be allowed for the new season. How do you all feel about it? Is everyone ready to return to Goodison Park or are some of you hesitant about interacting with that many...
  2. Sassy Colombian

    Florida Cup 2021

    We may not have a manager but we already have a Cup to play in July. This may be my chance to see the Blues live for the first time :dance:
  3. Sassy Colombian

    Everton on top-Premier League Standings

    How exciting is to look at the current standing of the Premier League and seeing Everton on top :celebrate:
  4. Sassy Colombian

    James can make a difference at Everton more than just in the field.

    Today's New York Times, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the US, has a great article on James. This is the type of marketing exposure that a player of his status can bring to a club like Everton. This will help the club build a bigger fan base no only in Colombia and South America but...
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