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  1. varnish

    Best 3rd kit of recent times

    what’s everyone’s favourite 3rd kit of recent time? we’ve had the sea foam green, the great dark green with orange trim and my own personal favourite the bright pink.
  2. varnish

    Barcodes vs Ebepton, 28th Dec.

    What, no match thread yet? This’ll do for now. Big Heed’s black and white shambles host Carlo’s magnificent specimens. 2-0 with a brace from Siggy. Have it.
  3. varnish

    Everton v West Ham 1st Sub Sweepie

    For a bit of fun whilst we await the inevitable 0-2 reverse, does anyone fancy having a dip at what time the first sub is done by Martinez, sorry, I mean Silva? Guesses close at 9pm Friday. I’ll start us off with 62 minutes. current guesses: 62nd minute - Varnish
  4. varnish

    Team formation

    Call me a traditionalist but I quite like the old 4-4-2. Under Bobby we persevered with the 4-2-3-1 which eventually got found out. However, is it time we tried a 4-3-3 with a front line of Lookman-Niasse-DCL? If nothing it would put some pace up there. Back it up with...
  5. varnish

    2017-2018 Goals

    For those of us who can't catch the matches I thought a thread to post gifs, vines and tweets of goals might be useful. And here's an OK goal to start us off, thanks longers. Scores whilst commentator's having a cup of coffee
  6. varnish

    Mockneys vs Ebeoton 3pm Saturday

    hey lads, remember when those pornmongers got a free stadium and were gonna rule the premier? Beauts.
  7. varnish

    Match Thread Leicester City v Everton - Boxing Day KO 15:00

    So we play Liverpool in the week before xmas and we promptly lost in the worst way imaginable. First time I've ever seen a league game go to extra time! Anyway, we'll bounce back here, 2-0 us and a commanding display.
  8. varnish

    Match Thread Ebepton v Woolwich - Tuesday 13th 19:45

    In lieu of the match preview thread: We're gonna get humped royally aren't we?
  9. varnish

    Watford Predictions

    whilst we await either the emancipation of Chico or a young pretender with his source of historical photos, who fancies putting down some predictions? I'm controversially go with us getting a clean sheet. Annoyingly so will Watford. 0-0
  10. varnish

    stoke placeholder thread.

    C'mon Chico, you know we love you. Pre match chat here whilst we wait unveiled insults about cousin bothering jugheads who loiter around festival place all weekend...
  11. varnish

    I've worked out our problem this season

    The badge. We changed from fatbadge and now we can't even beat Hull. Personally, I liked last seasons badge and would fancy having it back.
  12. varnish


    Last on again!! FFS! When liverpool were last on a couple of weeks ago, Linekar actually apologised. Do we expect any better when MOTD have two ex liverpool players usually??
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